Flush it out
Like mourning should be flushed out
Shock tactics
And you never forget
But something stays frozen behind you
And you can't get it back
Beat every little emotion out of me
For a minute at a time
Poison isn't such a bad thing
When you look at it through a screen
And memories are okay
If they seem distant enough.

You know me
I cannot stand to be alone
Unless I am with someone else
You don't get it?
Never will.
Do I care?
Can I care?
Can I help?
I don't want to.
I don't care for fickleness
Except my own...
Have to look after my own
Or it might die like a crippled child.

Trust me, I have got it right.
This is the right way to go about things
Clearing up my own affairs
Clearing out what is in my head
Clearing the edge of the abyss
Jump into those memories
That are frozen
And seem to belong to somebody else
Who I only really knew
By sight.

I'm so frightened of my memories, that I don't know how I can
Go on alone. I am worried by myself and I feel like I am breaking
Apart, and I never even thanked you for the good times that saw
Me through so much, I never even thought that I could feel like
This about the world, let alone such beauty as you possess.

Beauty ought to be strangled at birth, it would save me this guilt.