Come and haunt me
If you want to.
It couldn't get much harder
To exist.
"He used to know me"
Wouldn't know me now.
Bloody glad about it, too.

I'm so relieved finally to have become this new person
Enclosed within a shell of myth
And music.
What do you want to do to me? A little light vivisection? Set me on
Anything is good as long as you leave me with my music. Cut me up
And cut me down in my prime.

What did you want, anyway?
Did you want my advice? I HAVE NONE.
I knew nothing then and I know little more now. My advice is only
A hopeless set of words floating in an archipelago of boredom.
All's quiet on this front.
Keep quiet.
Listen to my heart beat
And you know what is happening. Abstract

And sometimes beauty hides nothing.
What is there behind your beauty and my eager
I do not love you, I am no aesthete
If I kiss your lips
And if I share my wine with you
Then half is gone from me

To get me through the day
I write
So that I might get myself through another night.
I drink and I write and I dream
So let me be, please.