My blood stains the sheets,
Hormones rearing its ugly head.
Pain searing through my body,
I scream and join his cry.
Video taping his joyous moment,
While I endure this torment.
Hand cuffs prevent my escape,
But if I tried,
It's already too late.
His hunger destroys me,
I can only endure until it's over.
Please save me someone!
After he makes his escape,
After I have been defiled,
I am left all alone.
Stuck in denial.
A shower can only wash the blood,
And wash away the dirt,
But it can not wash away the stain,
That burns a hole in my soul,
For all to come and see.
Disdain is held in all eyes,
Who look upon me.
Shaking their heads,
And walking away,
To gossip and show another.
If you've ever surfed internet,
And found a forbidden site.
You might find that horrible night,
Replaying my demise.
So now I will sit at home,
Cowering in my room.
Forever taunted by your presence,
Here in my nightmares
Where you come alive.
You sneak in my dreams,
To invade my body once more.
Someone please save me.
Save me from this nightmare.
I wish to forget him,
And all my despair.
Shut him out of my mind,
Stop this flow of tears.
Drain me of his fluids,
And chase away these fears.
Save me someone,
Before he comes again.
He roams these haunting streets,
Seeking his revenge.
To please his raging hormones,
And raise its ugly head.