"Hey, you wanna go on a date?"

"When? I'm a little busy with the GP. You know, trying to keep a hold on the anarchy of the universe and not let it destroy the fabric of society."

"You and your heroics. I'll never understand it."

"Meh, you don't have to. So when were you thinking of?"

"I dunno... seventy years, at The Hub on Jarbon? Hmm... how about July twenty-second? I think that's a Friday, if my math is correct."

"What if that planet gets wiped out? You know how they are these days."

"There's a Hub restaurant in Sector 34-OD. What about there as a backup?"

"I think I can work that into my schedule. Oh wait... seventy? I put that in my schedule as overhauling the computer databases of the GP. It'll need it by then."

"How long will that take?"

"Only five years or so."

"All right then, seventy-five."

"Sounds good. Where're you goin now?"

"Oh, I dunno... thought I'd toodle around the frontier Sectors and try and make some contacts with new civilizations. I'm trying to beat my personal record of twelve first-contacts."

"They've pretty much wiped the universe of what civilizations there are. You sure there's many within the reach of current technology?"

"Could be. And if not, I'll hang around until the technology becomes better."

A moment of contented silence spread between them.

"This place has good java."

"Mm. It's perfect."