Thank You

By Lara Chin

Dedicated to my best friend, Adela. May each and everyday of your life be filled with sunshine.

To my dearest and closest friend,

this is for you,

may we be friends until the end.

I met you seven years ago,

do you still remember?

That sweet moment will be

cherished in my mind forever

Each and everyday

I watch our friendship grow

Each and every way

You continued to show

Me everything that you know.

So many things

that we did together

So many secrets that we shared

May they never be discovered

Hard times that we bear

You showed that you cared

Happy moments

that make us forget

about the torments.

You came into my life

and I never knew

That you were going

To be that one person

I'll be seeing

For a long, long time

I'm not complaining

That's very fine.

I never told you this...

So here goes...

With a big hug

and a kiss

I say to my best friend-


And I really mean it

May our beautiful friendship

Last until the end.