there is a nightingale under the door;
disturb it not; lest it fly out and sing.
they say its song is beautiful - it is a temptation.
hear no evil, people; all heads down now.

But why can't you hear beauty?
They give you hope; they let you dream.
I'm tired of this endless grey world,
Even brown might serve as variety.

do not ask questions; they are not worthwhile.
look and learn; just do, do not feel.
or you will just bleed more - and nobody cares.
turn back, quick; the foreman's watching.

Wait! The nightingale's not singing - it's squawking.
This world's truly ugly through and through.
I saw Joy's photo on a police WANTED poster.
What might we do other than work?

we can live, we can dream, and we can hope.
but pretend I did not say that - hush!
They make us labor, but one day we might fight.
and till that day we just suffer.

Isn't that unfair! Why did -
Look! The nightingale's trying to soar up high.
Poor thing, it can't, it'll just get caught.
Nobody breaks the rules here, I suppose.

do not notice the sudden cry; the spurt of blood.
and do not scream out so, it is newton's law reversed.
you did not see any action, do not try a reaction.
just lock up your heart and keep the key somewhere -

I finally understand how this place works;
If I am not supposed to know, I do not.
And through ignorance I can plead innocent?
Oh god, perhaps the year's 1984?

do not make jokes; nothing is funny.
But what else can we do?

Goodbye, nightingale.

A/N: Changed it rather drastically after Jeremy's comments ^^. Thankyouu. Ermm. R/R? =)