Lives deep in me
Is all I see

Problems, and moments in time
Mean nothing.

TWITCH and rest and TWITCH and rest and TWITCH and retch and
TWITCH and rest

Breathe my pain away... Wow it could be time
For Concorde to rise again, dying once more

Disagreement? Why would we ever disagree? You disagree with me?

I VOTE FOR RICHARD NIXON and I do not intend trying to be
Any kind of

Unless you want to do me some harm get away from me, I think I may
Be on fire again, haven't felt this good in so long
Wouldn't want to terrify you, now, would I? Take a chance and step outside
With me, I have a few minutes to spare
Unless you'd rather walk me up to the gallows? What do you say?

QUIET TIME is something quite, quite different from the way you saw it

How did it come to this? Disconnected twitches and a few violent
Retching fits, a little time to rearrange myself: what happened here?
A few remains and the ship is deserted, the prison door is open, and
The prisoner has escaped, in order to buy a gun AND KILL HIMSELF:
What did you expect of me?
Did you think I would surprise you?
Don't even look at me,
You don't even look at me anymore: is that because I did you
A great deal of damage?

Spider-treatment on my hand
And my side
And my feet
And a crown of thorns
What do I know?
All I can do is continue down the same beaten path
And wait for Cyrano's killers
To do the same to me.