Besotted with my broken heart
I broke it, nobody else
So I can call it mine.
Do you want to lay claim to my broken heart?
Time is fading fast, so I can twitch my way
Through another day
Controls me.
I do not understand it
And I convulse and stagger
Through another few days
Can you get me through another few days?
The wine does not last forever,
If only it did.
I would not have to worry, and yet this music
And this poetry
And this myth, this lie
That I can survive myself and get through
Where is safe? Not here, not there.
I'm twitching
And I'm drinking
And I'm listening to music
And I might be somebody else.
Who bothers with this anyway?

I don't know what is happening, unless I have wine or music.
That is all I have to say, and yet I write for hours.