And now I see the bitterness
And now I see the sorrow
I open my eyes so I can see past
You hopeless tomorrow

I chain my fury but I carry it with me
I loathe and love all of this morbidity I see
I embrace the Darkness with the Light
Because both come from One of might

I do not fear death for it has no sting
Sight lets you see the end of suffering
Thanatos may reap my soul now
It does not matter why or how
But I say to you this day
Without hesitation or dismay
That I do not fear what holds no sway
Over my being or my Way

For the Creator created Death
And so I will with my last breath
Give praise where praise is due
And never will I fear you

And I live not for my own sake
For death my thirst cannot be slaked
Because I loathe this world and all its suffering
I long to embrace my death without its sting
But it is for my Creator that I do live
To repay all my blessings with what I can give
So I face death each day and every night
So I bow to my creator and attempt to do right

I am no coward but I know the Truth of this world
So open your eyes with me and see Light unfurled
Like a intricate and beautiful cloak before your eyes
So then death will be a welcome surprise

I live not for death but for the world after
This world is just the first chapter

Believe what you will
In this place of torture and swill
But in my heart I carry a Truth with me
And perhaps one day if you ask you too can see.