The waters of sadness within well up
Filled with pain to the brim, an overflowing cup
Sin is a lead burden that weighs me down
It shatters glass hearts and fractures gold crowns
No angel can fly with such a heavy weight
Which is why I realize now, too little, too late
That humans can never be like angels is true
To fly that high is impossible being weighed down with sin like me and you

Yet still a glimmer of hope remains
In what many see now as a clich├ęd refrain
That there is more to this world than you and me
That there is a whole other reality

A part of being in us, otherworldly and strong
Something more than our minds that makes us long
For something more than this cradle of filth and sin
Something that would make us feel whole again

Some find briefly it in another's arms
As they give away pieces of themselves and do their souls harm
Some find it in the thrill of destruction and pain
Oh, what little those lost souls have to gain
Some find it in false spirituality
Parts of a greater whole realized in partiality

I seek more than man's fabricated truths
Zodiac signs and fortune tellers' booths
I seek the Truth to open the prisoners' doors
Away from the meaningless spiritual chores
Trying to earn redemption through balancing bad deeds with good
When deep down we know it is nothing more than pulling down the hood
Of accepted ignorance down, obscuring our eyes
Opening up before them scented, sweet lies
An intoxicating aroma of falsehood sweet
Telling us that we can surely meet
Our spiritual quota through our good works
And woe unto those silly fools who would shirk
Off their burdens and accept that they
Can never the debt of sin pay

Only through forgiveness can we find a way
To overcome this horrible price we must pay
But the Truth that I have come to see
Is that this price has already been paid for you and me

What I believe, I think is True
Is black and white, it's sad but it's true
Suppose first that the Light exists
Something perfect and pure through which all subsists
If we are set apart from the Light
Because of the irreparable Darkness cast upon our souls like a blight
Then how can one walk in the Light
When our existence is clouded with things that are not right
Only through Forgiveness can we rise above
Only through the fiery wings of a dove
Descending from the Light on high
From more than just a simple sky

There is more to this story that you have heard
Perhaps you know this as the "Word"
One of many religions, lights of this place
Each a new story, each a new face
Only one allows for Forgiveness from something more
Something so many have come to adore
And in their rapture perhaps have wronged you
I am sorry, if this is really true
It is not about preaching or telling you what's wrong
It is more than praying or singing a song
It is about giving you, everyone, hope in something more
Something that does your very essence adore
You are loved by the Hands which made you
The Light which shone upon you and all that is True
Allowing you to become something more
To fill that emptiness inside which you abhor

And I will say is that I am sorry if those who walk in the light have harmed you
Betraying the way of the Light and forcing your notions of it askew
What I present to you with, I hope, clarity
I hope shall bring to your life joy and prosperity
Know that Freedom, Hope, and Light are yours for the taking
That the heart of the Light is yours for the breaking
All of this is what I believe
It is Truth that I perceive

But ultimately the live that you choose to lead
Is yours alone, I just hope that I have planted a seed
A seed of Truth to take root within you
To blossom into a tree of everlasting Light, life forged anew
And that it will not, like some grow black and twisted
A black tortured thing where once subsisted

And I tell you now that you can change
That you can the pieces within you rearrange
Humanity alters and grows and allows you the choice
To give the budding Light within you to give its voice
And allow your framework to mend and grow
And for you to better yourself know
Fight your way free of the Darkness and into the Light
Out of the shadows and into the sight
Of something more than what you used to know
Perhaps one day you too could show
Another how much joy you would feel
And share with them what you think is real

But for now I leave the choice, again, to you
To decide what, in this world and the next, is really True.