Feb. 12, 04


I'm so happy
I could cry
Do care I?

Oh my God.
I'm in a cloud.
One voice is ringing
Sweet as angel's singing

I don't know what to say
I shouldn't be amazed
It was just an e-mail!
I can't help it. I'm so excited.

Oh, when will class be over?
I want to write.
So close and yet so far
I just need to say hi!

She's back! She's back!
She wrote! She wrote!
I can't get over it.
I don't want to!

No longer so
Far away
But how come things
Seem the same?

I want to go
I need to see her
Hear her laugh
See her smile

I've missed her so
She's been gone!
It seems like forever
How far to Australia?

So many people I know
Are there in Tennessee
So close and yet so far!

Oh, the agony!
I've got to get out.
One hug. One hug from
The one I love.

Can't get out.
Not yet. Not yet.
Wait a little longer.
Find the opportunity.

No. No more. No more.
Happy thoughts will overrule.
No contact since October.
Suddenly today my hope is restored.

She wrote!
I still can't believe it.
She doesn't know.
It means so much.

I'll go on
If only just
Another day
For her.

I'm so happy
I could cry.