Author: Yue
Genre: Romance/Angst
Purpose: Practice/Fun
A/N: I know this is not very original, but it is the first poem I wrote
that actually sounds like a poem. Though. The rhythm is abit corny. =P
Anyway, plz enjoy!
The cold haze sleepless night,
Gives no light to that piece of mind,
The hope swirls into the deepest hill,
Regardless of how much I hold it tight,
With thunder, lightning and rain combined,
It wouldn't matter if you were here still.
Remembered all the promises you've made,
Believed every single word you've told,
Gave up all the things I've had in life,
Yet all it took was the gossips they've said,
In the mid-day of summer yet still felt cold?
The feeling of betrayal was as sharp as a knife.
The glittery ever-changing moonlight,
Is like my shattered soul yet less broken,
The stars sparkle into my dehydrated eyes,
As if were amused by this pathetic sight;
When my precious heart is already taken,
Yet my meaningless empty shell still lies.
Oh, how could I have never realize,
This pointless one-sided love
Would bleed me till its tubes contracts?
The love that could never fertilize,
Like a little blind miserable dove,
That never knows where to and where go.