Should I

I sit there
Wondering if
I should
Would it matter?

No one would
Care and it's
Not like, it's
Going to hurt

But still I
Wrestle with
My conscience
Should I

It could make
Me feel better
As I sit here
In the cold

With the small
But sharp object
In my hand ready
To do damage

Should I do
It, I just
Don't know if
I could

All that pain
And blood
And the secrecy
Could I handle that?

Being hidden not
Showing my arms
Ever again living
With the scars

Could I deal
With the loneliness
And the pain of
Not being known

Could this small
Object be my
Home and the
One piece of solace

That I've known
It's not like
Anyone would
Notice or care

I would be
Doing it to
My self and wont
Mind the pain

Should I do
It, maybe it
Will make every
Thing right

Should I listen
To my friend
And not, as
She's just stopped

Oh, I don't know
Maybe I will
Maybe I won't

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