My Secret

You're my best friend
And I love you
But why can't I tell
My biggest secret

It just won't come out
No matter how hard I try
I need to tell someone
And I want it to be you

I try to write it
The pen just won't move
I try to say it
I get all choked up

If only you could
Read my mind then
You'd only know what
Has been bothering me

No one knows
About it other
Wise it wouldn't
Be my secret

But the one person
I wish who knew
Is you and then
I'd rest much easier

You don't know how
Much pain im in
Keeping this to myself
If only you knew

I want to tell you
Really, I do but I
Can't seem to get
The word out right

I need you to
Understand that I
Can't tell you yet,
Not just now, not yet

I'm not ready
I don't know why
I just feel it's
Not right

Don't get me wrong
I love you so much
And I trust you with
All my heart no matter what

I need to tell you
I wish you only knew
That the biggest secret
I've got is about you

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