It Works For Me

You said you stopped
And I said
Well done but
I may start

Coz this feeling
Is not going away
And it may help
Just to do it

I didn't tell you
Then, afraid what
You'd say, you may
Try to stop

I couldn't have
That, coz I need
This and your words
May affect me in away

You say no, and
I may listen coz I think
You know whats
Right for me always

But I couldn't
Let you stop me
Just yet coz I
Need this now

And maybe forever
Coz this feels
So good and I
Feel strong at the time

You stop
But I start
Coz it worked for you
And it now works for me

Can't tell you
Just yet coz
I know just what
You'll say, stop

But I can't listen
Now coz I need
This even more
Then you did

But I will tell
You, in away I'm
Telling you right
Now, I hope you see

I may tell you
E-mail to e-mail
Or even person to person
Or maybe one day you'll see

That cutting may
Not work for
You but it
Certainly does for me

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