Is There Anything I would not give?

What I wouldn't do,
To be with you,
To hold you,
And to tell you the love I feel inside.
What I wouldn't give,
To be your everything,
Your everything and more,
And to be the light on your face.
The stars in your eyes,
And the love of your life,
That's what I want to be,
That and everything more.
I want to feel for you,
Be nothing but your joy,
And your pride.
Take away all that has hurt you,
And protect you from the flame,
See you to the other side.
I wish that you would just say yes,
I know you want to,
You want me to be there for you.
I wish that there was no more to life,
Than that but the love I feel for you,
There was no need,
To need anymore than you.
But what are these water wishes,
Carved no where but in my heart and blood,
To you or to them.
My blood flows for just one more day,
One hour,
Of seeing you face.
I long to reach out and touch it with my lips,
Make my heart skip a beat,
Let you know that I am there.
What wouldn't I give,
To tell you how much more strongly I feel for you,
Now that I am deprived of you,
And no longer able to stare into your eyes.
My heart would stop,
If only to give you another moment of life,
My life will wait for you,
Just so that you could come around,
I would give my breath for you,
If you were dying.
Is there anything I would not give,
To be the one you share the rest of your life with?