A/N: Hmm

A/N: Is there such a thing as a poem sequel? I'm sure there is. If not (which I doubt), I just invented one. It's not very much like the original, but the concept is slightly the same. (Written January 12, 2001.)

On The Outside Looking In – Part 2

Look at me,

I'm still here,

On the outside looking in.

Still waiting,

Still wishing,

For you to notice me.

By now,

I wonder that maybe,

Only maybe,

It could all be in vain.

Every now and then,

You slightly acknowledge,

But I still feel that

I'm on the outside looking in.

If only one day,

You'd notice,

Just exactly what's been here,

Right in front of your face,

For too long.

If only you could see,

That I'm on the outside looking in.