He walks away...
I walk the other way...
We go our seperate directions,
We won't speak for a long while,
When we do,
It will be awkward,
You won't know what to say,
Nor will I,
We wont be friends any longer,
We will not speak of one another,
We cannot stay together.
We went,
I called,
You did not know what to say,
Nor did I,
It was awkward,
I cannot speak of you,
You wont speak of me,
We went.
We go,
We don't look back,
I call your name,
I am lost,
You don't hear,
You never did,
You washed your hands in my blood,
We go.
We left,
Each other in the dust,
And in memories un-told,
And shot down each others hopes,
Like we never existed,
Never were,
Never have been,
We left.
I talk,
You don't,
I say good things,
You say none at all,
Where are all the sames we had,
If there were any,
I talk.
You cry,
I stay here for you,
You left me here,
And what am I to do,
When you arent here now,
You cry.
I stray away,
Go my own way,
Leave them all alone,
Say nothing at all,
The scars are too deep,
I stray away.
We stop,
Look back,
Realize that life is going no where,
And still our feet take us away,
Blood is spilt on this battleground,
We stop.
I scream,
No one hears,
No one can,
I am hurt,
And am too quiet,
Weapons are words,
I scream.
You bleed,
Heart and all screams out,
You need me to be there,
To be pissed off for you,
When they all gang up,
Death music plays,
You bleed.
How it ruins us all,
How it kills lives,
How it pisses me off,
Welcome to this world,
This world of less perfect,
Less life,
Welcome to me,
And to my new life,
Life without you,