Miss Understanding By: Sarah James Potter

I remember that day because it started out like any other, but then that picture showed up, the thing is, I have no idea how they got it. Have you ever heard the saying one bad thing leads to another? Well I'm here to tell you, its true. It was the day that was supposed to be the start of the most memorable time of my life; it was my first day of my senior year. This is the year that we all say good-bye to our old lives and become who we want to be. But that's not what happened for me.
Come to think of it, this all came about because of a misunderstanding. It was the last week of the summer and I decided that I was going to start off this year right and give my boyfriend, Sam, something he really disserved while I was at it.
Sam and I have been dating for over a year, and things are really getting serious. He has been working hard for the last six months using all his time that was not filled with school or work on me. Sam knew what he wanted to do, and he wasn't going to let the fact he wasn't rich get in his way, for his whole life he has been saving up for his college and he almost had enough money, but almost wouldn't cut it. I could tell he was about ready to give up.
Any ways to pay him back for all his hard work, to help him to have the strength to get all the way to what he needed, and to show how much I love him, I decided to throw him a party.
I went to his best friend Alex for help. I mean if any one can make a guy have a good time, it would be his best friend and girlfriend, am I right? Alex and I had been planning for a month but only really working hard for about a week. He and I never really hung out before this, but we had been getting along well so far. But then two days before hand, we had a BIG problem.
As I said it was two days before the big night and Alex and I were up late working together because I had gone to the community college to fill out applications. So, we were working so instead of sitting in silence we started talking. He's such a great guy, I can see why he and Sam are best friends. So we were talking and I asked him why he didn't have a girlfriend his reply was simple he told me the only girl he was interested in was taken.
So, of course I asked him if she had feelings back. Once again another simple reply, that led to something VERY complicated. His answer was only two words. Some how those two words made all the difference. All he said was lets see, and he took my chin in his hand, as he did this I heard a door open some where near by, and with out a moment to let me resist he kissed me lightly, sweetly and innocently. What happened next, happened so quickly I barely understand it even now that I have gone through it over and over in my head.