With these eyes I peer into
What remains tightly cloaked.
I percieve how the words,
Glazed with bitter ice,
Stab into the heavy soul,
Wounding a pained heart.

I gaze at the pain within
That brutally gnaws the core
And it brings me torment how
This world is unbearably cold.
Yet the best I could ever do
Are to give these words of love,
And prayers of hope's shining light.

I ask of God, evermore
That He may forever take
Your battered soul
And make it forever whole.

How our two souls
Bear these unfading scars,
But still God leads us,
Lightening our crosses
That we are ever carrying,
Despite the world's jeering.

But still know this
Which I know as truth
That she still calls you
By the name "Friend."
And I see she truly cares
Nevertheless what it may seem.

I do know how
She'd turn her ear
To any distress
Your voice may carry,
As would I do so, gladly,
And stand by you
Because I care,
Because I understand,
For we are all
Fellow sufferers
In this desolate earth.

May we suffer
However long or short,
Yet may we do so,
Holding fast to this love,
For God is graciously good,
And He stands by His Word,
That every tear,
Pain, and worry
Is worked into
The good for many,
Who hold faith
In such a promise.