She has evolved, and I think she's sick of it
I'm not involved, and I will not think of it
She's got my eyes and she's using them on me
I don't need eyes, 'cause I do not want to see
And the clock is timing my demise
It won't take long, it won't be a surprise

She's too far, it's not far
For her to go
She'd better make it
Or all this will have been in vain


She's all alone, but it has to stay that way
Close to the bone, but that's all she has to say
Picks up my heart and she reads me like a book
I try to start, but she just gives me a look
And the time is coming, I must leave
I cannot afford to pretend I believe


And the strategy must change
Because I can't keep up
With her style, it seem so strange
And I can't keep up

She's still alive, but she'll never be the same
She's been deprived, she has been deprived of fame
I'm so afraid, she has said she wants to go
I'm on parade, but I'm just part of the show
And the tension's rising, it's gone
I really should have told her I was wrong

Because I can't keep up
(All this has been in vain)