I'm not much good at anything,
Bar algebraic factoring,
But once I find my perfect square,
Then we'll become an ordered pair.

That girl is mine, she shall be won,
Though odds seem sigma{reals} (that's none).
She must exist; I'm resolute:
I will accept no substitute.

You tell me I'm imagining,
That someone does exist for me,
But she is not some silly i,
She does exist; I'll tell you why!

With each real number must exist
A number just its opposite.
We see if we examine this,
That nothing happens when they kiss.

For sparks will fly and time will stop,
And signs will cancel out and drop.
They'll leave their names respectively,
And change into infinity.

The loneliness I now can see
Increasing logarithmically
Will soon be drawing to a close
As highs replace my lowest lows.

And yesterday at lunch I caught
A little wink, or so I thought,
From Cindy in the checkout line;
I think it was a sine.