Blackmail Love

Chapter one


A/N: well since most of you wanted a Lincoln and Allan story, here it is.  I hope you enjoy the start of their story, and just to warn you that there is sex in this chapter of the story.  Considering that it's about Allan's blackmailing Lincoln into his bed.  Hope you enjoy, and I should have the bonus chapter for 'Finding heaven' up soon.  Thanks.  And special thanks to my Beta Fox.


Lincoln Witherspoon glared at his boss of three months, not that his boss would really be any wiser.  Allan Bates was grinning across the desk at him like a cat with a bowl of cream.  He had no idea how the man found out what he had and he had no idea what the man planned on doing with it.

"Linc, Linc what ever will I do with you," Allan said grinning at the boy.  He could see the glare and Lincoln grit his teeth when Allan called him Linc.  Lincoln Witherspoon was a beautiful boy, light blond hair streaked with light brown and red, had the most delightful pair of Hazel eyes.  "I was more then surprised when I found out this information."

"Me being gay 'asn't…" Lincoln stopped talking a deep breath before continuing.  "Being gay hasn't affected my ability to do my job, sir."

"Of course it hasn't," Allan said smiling at the slip in the young man's accent. Lincoln had transferred from his London office, and Allan had been completely taken with the boy.  And just hearing the British accent made him smile.  He continued to watch the boy, seeing that he couldn't tell what Lincoln was feeling.

"Then what's the problem, sir?" Lincoln asked his accent thickening with the rising of his temper.  He almost lost it when the man had the nerve to smile.

"This," Allan said sliding the file across his desk.  Lincoln looked at it, before slowly looking up at his boss.  He had worked in Allan's company since he was eighteen, almost seven years now.  But had only been at the home office in the states the last three months.  "Go ahead and look."

Lincoln was slow to reach out and take the file; with one last glance at Allan he turned his attention into the documents in the file.  His face paled and for a minute Lincoln thought he'd be sick.  He looked up with slightly panicked eyes at Allan.

"I see you understand now, the situation at least." Allan said seeing the boy nod his head slightly.  He looked close to crying when he met Allan's eyes again.

"And you plan on doing what with this information?" Lincoln asked softly.

"Pretty simple love," Allan said softly seeing the surprise that came to Lincoln's face.  "I want you to be mine."

"No, not on you're ever loving life." Lincoln said standing.  "I will not be blackmailed into 'aving some relations with you."

"Fine," Allan said shifting in his chair and reaching for the phone.

"What are you doing?" He hissed seeing Allan look up at him.

"Well I'm sure some newspaper in London will pay good money for this."  Allan said seeing the boy pale even more then he was.  Allan dialed the number to his London office, knowing that someone there would be able to help him.

"Wait," Lincoln said softly seeing Allan pause in dialing.  "I just want to make sure I 'ave this right.  You want me to be your fucktoy, and you're gonna hold that over me 'ead?"

"Pretty much, if you want to say it that bluntly," Allan said seeing him shake his head.

"I could think of worse things to say," Lincoln said turning away from Allan, he wanted to curse.  He had been attracted to Allan since stepping off the plane three months ago.  But he never mixed work with personal stuff.

"It won't be that bad, Linc." Allan said coming around the desk to look down at the shorter man.  Lincoln instinctively backed up slightly.  "Don't worry love, I'm not going to hurt you."

"I never thought you were." Lincoln hissed looking up at him.

"Fine, well tonight I'm having a party at my townhouse, I expect you to be there." Allan said handing a piece of paper to Lincoln, smiling at the boy.

"Lovely," Lincoln said taking the paper, and then he turned away.  "May I go?"

"Of course," Allan said seeing the boy glance at him before leaving the office.  Allan smiled, after three months of lusting over him he would finally have him.  Going back to his seat he smiled, leaning back to think of all the things they would be doing that night.


Lincoln threw another outfit across the room.  His nerves were stretched to the point of near breaking, and he had half a mind to call Allan and tell him to piss off.  But then he realized who this information would hurt and he couldn't.  With another muttered curse he pulled out a simple outfit from his closet to put on.  He didn't care if Allan told him to wear something sexy or not.

After dressing the boy left his apartment and headed out to his car.  He drove to Allan's townhouse seeing that the street was packed with cars, but managed to find a parking spot.  He definitely was, hating this already.  What gave Allan the right to do this to him?  He was still muttering as he walked up to the house.

"Ah Lincoln," Allan said walking over to him.  "You made it."

"Like you gave me the choice."  Lincoln muttered under his breath as Allan took his coat.  Allan just smiled as he led the boy through the house to where the other guests were.  Lincoln just smiled; he knew most of the people from working with Allan over the last three months.

"Are you having fun, love?" Allan asked seeing Lincoln look up from the drink he was drinking.

"Just a lovely time," Lincoln replied softly shaking his head.  "I've been for a while, Mr. Bates may I go home now?"

"Not until the party ends, love." Allan said reaching up to touch the boy's face.  He could see the emotions conflicting in Lincoln's eyes.  He wondered at which one would win.

"Allan?" They turned when hearing a voice.  Lincoln's eyes widened slightly as he looked up at the man, short black hair and deep brown eyes.

"Armand, so glad you could make it," Allan said looking around.  "Where's the doll?"

"Home." Armand said smiling slightly.  "Hit his ankle with a sledge hammer today."

"Ah, well Armand this is Lincoln Witherspoon, my assistant."  Allan said seeing Armand look at the boy nodding.  He shook the boy's hand before Lincoln excused himself and walked away.

"So what's he like?" Allan asked seeing Armand look at him.

"Destin?" He asked seeing the man nod.  "Like a redheaded hurricane, except hurricanes cause less damage."

"I'm sorry?" Allan asked seeing Armand smile slightly.

"Don't be," Armand said shaking his head before a full-blown smile crossed his face.  Allan raised an eyebrow at Armand's look.

"That good huh?" Allan asked seeing Armand just smirk.  "Ah come on tell, last I heard you had yet to bed the redhead."

"Allan," Armand hissed softly.

"So how is he in bed?" Allan asked seeing Armand look at him surprised.  "Come on Armand tell me."

"Why?" Armand asked grinning at his friend.

"Because I'm hopelessly deprived, and need to know someone's getting something." Allan said seeing Armand shake his head.

"Come on, when's the last time you went without sex, aren't any of the boys in the mail room willing to come up for a special delivery?" Armand asked seeing Allan smile.

"Honestly, its been almost four months," Allan said sadly.  "But hopefully that will all change, I'm gonna bag my assistant."

"The British boy?" Armand asked seeing Allan nod with a smile.  Armand shook his head, letting his gaze move around the room.  Most of these people were known associates that both he and Allan worked with; some of them had others with them.  "He's small Allan, almost tiny."

"Who?" Allan asked tearing his attention from Lincoln's backside to look at Armand again.

"Destin, he's five foot and a hundred pounds." Armand said seeing Allan look at him.

"But you've slept with him right?" Allan asked seeing Armand nod.  "And he was ok?"

"Hell he came back for seconds," Armand muttered before he thought better of it.

"But that's a good thing," Allan said shaking his head as he slapped Armand on the back.  "No worries, boy's not crying or screaming you should be happy."

"You're so crude sometimes," Armand said shaking his head as he checked his watch.  It was just past ten at night, and he really wanted to get home to Destin.  "I should go it's late."

"All right," Allan said walking with him towards the door.  "Thanks for coming."

"No problem, night Allan," Armand said leaving the house.  Allan watched him go, and then turning back to the party he mingled with the guests, soon several of them also left.

"Allan wonderful party," Shelia said shaking his hand on her way out.

"Thanks for coming," Allan said waving as he closed the door.  He turned to the butler that was standing beside him.  "Is that everyone?"

"Yes sir," The man replied.  "Except for Mr. Witherspoon who, is in the sitting room."

"Very good, thanks." Allan said grinning as he walked that way.  He stopped in the doorway to watch the boy; Lincoln was looking over the artwork that was hanging on the wall.  He had to smile, the house had been in his family for years, and his mother was very proud of how she decorated it.  "Beautiful isn't it?"

"The pictures are very lovely," Lincoln said not looking back at Allan as the man crossed towards him.  "Is the party over?"

"Yes it is," Allan said softly, reaching out to take the wine glass from Lincoln's hand to set it aside.

"Then I can go also?" Lincoln asked taking a step back, avoiding anymore contact with the man.  He turned to leave the room when Allan reached out to grab him.

"Not yet, I was hoping you'd spend the night," Allan said leaning down to brush his lips over Lincoln's lips.  Lincoln pulled away, turning his head.

"Ah, so there's no stopping this then?" Lincoln asked shuttering slightly as Allan pulled him into his arms, letting his mouth find Lincoln's neck.

"No," Allan breathed against the boy's neck while his hand moved to the boy's butt to grope slightly.  Lincoln reached up lightly placing his hands on Allan's shoulders.

"Please," Lincoln breathed out, another shutter ran through him.  God it had been to long.  Desire hit him hard, he didn't want it, but couldn't stop it as Allan moved against him.  Clinching his teeth together, he held in the moan that threatened to escape.

He almost yelped when Allan pulled away suddenly, grabbing his arm and pulling him through the house, and up the stairs.  He almost stumbled on the stairs, but managed to keep his footing.  His eyes widening as Allan pulled him into a bedroom, the man's mouth attacking his neck again.

"Mr. Bates." Lincoln muttered as the man backed him towards the bed.

"Allan," He replied, pulling back to pull the boy's jacket off.

"What?" Lincoln asked, his brain too foggy to comprehend why the man was saying his name.

"Call me Allan, because when you scream my name as you come, Mr. Bates just doesn't do it." Allan said moving back just enough to pull off Lincoln's shirt.  He smiled, looking over the boy's chest.  Lincoln's belly button was pierced, and also had a tattoo around it.  Dropping down, he let his tongue slide over the piercing.

"Please, I don't want to be your whore," Lincoln said trying to pull free of the man's arms.

"You're not going to be my whore, Linc, you're going to be my lover." Allan said moving up to capture the boy's mouth.  His tongue slipped into Lincoln's mouth sliding over the boy's tongue.  Keeping their mouths together Allan moved his hands, finding Lincoln's pants slowly pushing them down.

"No," Lincoln said pulling his mouth away.

"Yes," Allan said moving down the boy's body.  Even though Lincoln said no, his body was willing to submit to Allan.  Allan knew that, and he knew how to use it to his advantage.  Slipping lower, he let his mouth move over the piercing and tattoo hearing a rather strangled gasp from the boy.

"Allan," Lincoln hissed, his voice thick with desire.  He yelped when the man's mouth covered his aching erection, a small cry escaping him.  "Allan, stop, please oh god.  Allan please stop."

"I want to satisfy you."  Allan whispered, his voice thick.  Looking up he looked into the boy's beautiful eyes and was lost.  He wanted this man, and he wanted him now.  Allan moved, pinning the boy to the bed.  "Are you a virgin?"

"What?" Lincoln asked, trying to keep up with the conversation.  He looked up meeting the man's eyes.

"A virgin? Are you one or have you had anal sex before?" Allan asked, leaning slightly to kiss the boy's lips.

"If I say no will you stop this and let me go home?" Lincoln asked, wanting to groan as Allan smiled.

"No, it just means I'll have to be more gentle with you." Allan said, letting one hand snake down Lincoln's body.  His hand brushed the boy's erection looking up to see Lincoln had his teeth clinched together.

"I'm not a virgin, so just get on with it." Lincoln said.  If he was going to be forced to let this man fuck him, then he was surely going to have it done quickly.  He felt Allan pause, and thought maybe since he was willing to go through with it, not that he had a choice, that the man had changed his mind.

"Good," Allan said grinning.  He saw Lincoln meet his gaze; the boy's eyes were confused.  "I want to watch your face as I give you pleasure."

"Confident of your abilities aren't you," Lincoln hissed, feeling the blush that spread out over his face.  "Who's to say I won't hate having you fuck me?"

Allan smiled, his hand finding its destination to slide over Lincoln's opening seeing the boy's eyes widen slightly.  Leaning down he licked the boy's neck as his mouth found the boy's ear.  "Oh don't worry, you'll like having me fuck you.  I've never had a complaint or an unsatisfied partner yet."

Lincoln didn't respond, he had heard of Allan's conquests.  Or at least half of, since he hadn't realized the conquests had been male.  Closing his eyes, he swallowed against the pain in his chest.  That's what he was, another conquest, and one that once Allan satisfied himself with, Lincoln would be cast aside.  Lincoln's eyes opened wide as he felt Allan push one lubed finger into him.  Tilting his head back, a small gasp escaped him.

"I like that," Allan said grinning as he watched the boy.  Lincoln was delightfully flushed, his eyes wide and glazed with desire.  Leaning down he licked over one of the boy's dusty pink nipples.  Another finger found its way into Lincoln's body pulling another low gasp from the boy.

"'Urry up," Lincoln hissed out.

"That I can do," Allan said shifting.

"Condom," Lincoln said, pushing at the man slightly.  Looking up he met Allan's eyes.

"What?" Allan asked, focusing on the boy.

"Condom, or you can go to 'ell, I won't 'ave sex without a condom." Lincoln said, swallowing as he watched Allan nod.  Moving slightly he found a condom, ripping the package open to pull out the contraceptive.  Pulling himself to his knees, Allan pulled the condom on before looking down at the beauty on his bed.

Reaching out he grabbed Lincoln's hips, moving to position himself; he thrust into the boy's body.  Lincoln made a noise between a cry and a moan.  Hands found Allan's shoulders to dig into, as another pained cry escaped the boy's mouth.  "I thought you said you've done this before?"

Allan was worried Lincoln had stiffened under him.  And he could see by the look on the boy's face that he was in pain.  Holding himself still, he slowly stroked Lincoln's erection hoping to ease the pain.  He waited for Lincoln to adjust to his size.

"I 'ave done this before," Lincoln finally got out.  "But it's been a while, I don't drop into bed with every man I'm attracted to."

"Ah," Allan said slowly pulling out to push back in slowly.  He smiled when Lincoln arched back, another breathy gasp coming from the boy.  Shifting he reached pulling Lincoln's legs up hearing a groan.  He moved, his thrusts becoming faster as he reached out wrapping his hand around the boy's erection.

Allan leaned down, licking over Lincoln's lips.  He moaned, closing his eyes as he rocked into the boy's tightness.  Another moan escaped him when Lincoln's legs tightened around his waist.  He groaned, feeling his orgasm closing in and tightened his grip on Lincoln's hardness.  He heard a groan, and then felt Lincoln tighten around him.  Allan cried out, feeling his orgasm run through him.

Leaning slightly, he rested his head against Lincoln's.  Taking a deep breath, his nostrils filling with Lincoln's spicy scent and the smell of sex.  After a second he pulled out, pulling off the condom to toss into the garbage, then handed Lincoln a tissue.  After cleaning himself off he turned to the boy.

"What are you doing?" Allan asked, watching the boy move to get up.

"Going 'ome." Lincoln said.  "I'm tired and since I figure you're done with me, I'm going to go try to get some sleep."

"Stay," Allan said, seeing the boy look over at him.

"Is that a order?" Lincoln asked, seeing Allan's smile fade slightly.

"Yeah it is. I order you to stay so I can hold you." Allan said, gritting his teeth.

"I'm not the cuddling type, Allan." Lincoln said, spitting the name at him.

"Don't give a shit, get back into this fucking bed." Allan hissed at him.  Lincoln's eyes widened slightly as he stared at the man.  After staring at each other for a few minutes, Lincoln finally sighed and climbed into the bed.  Lying on his side, his back to Allan he closed his eyes.  He stiffened when Allan pulled him back against his chest.

"I 'ate you, you are the lowest form of slim I 'ave ever met." Lincoln hissed, trying not to let the tears or his pain show.

"Well you'll learn to like me, or at least how well I fuck you." Allan said softly.  He knew the boy was holding in tears, and that what he was doing wasn't fair, but he couldn't stop.  He had wanted Lincoln for so long, and now he had him and he wasn't about to let him go.


Lincoln awoke, slightly confused as his eyes focused on the wall across from him.  Not only that, but someone was snuggled against his back holding his waist almost possessively.  Then it came back to him, Allan's body as it covered him, the feel of the man inside of him.  He let out a small moan as images came back to him.

"Well you're much more pleasant in the morning." Allan said, kissing the back of the boy's neck.

"Not really," Lincoln said, trying to scoot away.  Allan's arms tightened around him, slowly letting his lips move over Lincoln's skin.  "God stop it, you got what you wanted last night."

"Come on love, you're hard as a rock." Allan said, letting his hand snake down to wrap around Lincoln's hard erection.

"Don't care, it'll go away or I'll take care of it in the shower." Lincoln said, trying to pull away again.  But Allan pushed him to his stomach, moving over the boy.  "Allan."

"I'm gonna fuck you again, and you're gonna like it." Allan hissed, pulling up the boy's hips.  He poured lube onto Lincoln's ass, hearing the boy hiss.  Moving his hands around he slipped a finger into the boy's tight opening.  Lincoln stopped struggling, his eyes widened as Allan added two more fingers.

"Please Allan," Lincoln said, unable to muffle the gasp as Allan suddenly thrust into him.  He cried out, his hands fisting into the sheets.  Allan shifted, slamming into the boy hearing Lincoln howl and smiled. Lincoln buried his head into the pillow, but he couldn't stop his body's movements as he rocked back against Allan.  He bit his lip, trying to keep the moans that threatened to escape in.

"Lincoln, god baby," Allan hissed, his hand's tightening on the boy's slender hips.  Reaching one hand around his waist, Allan took Lincoln's erection to stroke.  Seconds later he felt the boy tighten around him as he continued to thrust.  With a guttural moan, Allan's orgasm rolled through him.  Allan pulled out, dropping down beside the boy, a huge smile on his face.

"You're a bastard," Lincoln said quietly, his body still shook from the pleasure.  Turning he looked at the man laying next to him.

"Don't be that way, love." Allan said, reaching out to touch the boy's forehead.  Lincoln pulled away, his eyes blazed as he rolled over and looked down.

"You didn't use a condom," He said softly, refusing to meet Allan's eyes.

"Don't matter, you're mine." Allan said, reaching out to force Lincoln to look him in the eyes.  "Don't forget that, ok?"

Lincoln didn't answer, he just watched Allan as the man smiled, leaned forward to kiss him gently then got out of the bed.  He watched as Allan pulled a robe on and turned back to him.

"Come on and shower with me," Allan said, seeing the boy shake his head no; Allan could also see that Lincoln was fighting tears.  "Alright, there's a shower down the hall, you can use that one."

"Ok," Lincoln said watching as Allan disappeared from the room.  Getting up he looked for his clothing, but not seeing them lying beside the bed, he looked for something else to cover himself with.  Finding another robe, he slipped it on and left the room heading down to the bathroom at the end of the hallway.  Slipping into the bathroom, Lincoln closed and locked the door.

Walking over he started the shower, letting the water warm before slipping the robe from his body and stepping under the spray.  It only took a few seconds for the tears to start; slipping down he pulled his knees to his chest letting his head, rest on his bent knees as he cried.   He wished at that moment that he had never agreed to move to America to work at the home office, he could be home now.

After a while the tears finally stopped, and getting up Lincoln washed up before getting out of the shower.  Drying off he pulled the robe back on before he turned to head back to Allan's room to locate his clothing.  After checking every inch of the room, and still not finding them he ventured downstairs.

"Ah Lincoln, come in here love and have something to eat." Allan said from where he sat at the table.  Walking in Lincoln quietly sat down, jumping slightly when a woman set a cup of coffee in front of him, thanking her he looked up to look at Allan.

"Where are my clothes?" Lincoln asked quietly.

"Being laundered." Allan answered, not even looking up from the paper he was reading.  Lincoln nodded, folding his hands into his lap and clinched his teeth.

"And when do you suppose I can get them back?"  Lincoln asked, trying to keep the anger out of his tone.  But it was hard; Allan was just being a prick.

"Monday," Allan replied, setting the paper down when he heard the boy hiss slightly.  "You're staying here the weekend, and you won't need clothing."

"I 'ave a life Mr. Bates," Lincoln said softly, wanting to escape his humiliation.  God he didn't need to sit here while Allan's house staff looked at him with pity.

"It's Allan, and I don't care." Allan said, thanking the woman that set breakfast down in front of them.

"I 'ave a pet, I can't leave 'er all weekend by 'erself." Lincoln said, knowing that Allan couldn't be a complete heartless bastard.

"I'll send Timothy over to take care of her," Allan said, smiling as he started in on his breakfast.  "Eat, it's good, Mr. Goodall is one of the best cooks."

"I'm not really 'ungry thanks." Lincoln said staring at his hands, wishing he could just sink into the ground.  After several minutes of silence Allan sighed.

"Come on Love," Allan said softly, looking at the boy.  He knew Lincoln had cried sometime this morning, and he felt slightly bad about it.  Maybe he should have been gentler with the boy this morning.

"Don't call me that please," Lincoln said, not meeting Allan's deep blue eyes.

"And what would you like me to call you? Linc perhaps?" Allan asked, seeing the boy's jaw clinch.

"Try Lincoln, it's my name." Lincoln said, seeing Allan smile.  "Besides, I am not your love, and do not like being addressed as such."

"Feisty, I like that." Allan said, grinning when Lincoln glared at him.  "You enjoyed it when we had sex, don't even try to deny it Lincoln."

Lincoln looked up, meeting Allan's steady gaze.  "Oh I won't, I did enjoy the sex.  It felt very good, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed you, Mr. Bates.  It was a release of the body, and had absolutely no emotional ties to it."

"I see," Allan said not admitting that, that hurt.  He was ecstatic about being able to give Lincoln pleasure, but wasn't thrilled about how the boy viewed it.  He stared at the boy, seeing Lincoln wasn't about to back down from him.  "I'm really sorry you feel that way Lincoln, but it doesn't change our arrangements."

" 'Bout our arrangements," Lincoln started slowly.  He watched as Allan raised his eyebrow at him.  "There needs to be rules, and boundaries.  I'll not be at your beck and call."

"Oh actually you will Lincoln, first off, as my assistant you will need to be by my side for anything I need there." Allan said picking up his coffee cup.  "And for this arrangement you will be at my beck and call, because that's just the way it's going to be.  As for rules and boundaries you'd like to set, I don't give a shit, because that's just the way it is."

"So that's it then," Lincoln asked, keeping his voice quiet.  "Maybe you should have my title of personal assistant, changed to Allan Bates' personal whore."

"Lincoln," Allan said, seeing the boy stand gracefully before turning and leaving the dining room.  Allan stared after him, shaking his head at the boy.  Clinching his teeth he sighed and sat back.

"It would seem Mr. Witherspoon is unhappy being here." A voice said, watching his boss nod his head.

"That he is Timothy, that he is." Allan agreed, although he knew that Lincoln would be less then thrilled with the arrangements, he really hadn't believed the boy would still fight after they've had sex.

"And yet you insist on keeping him?" Timothy asked, seeing Allan turn to look at him slightly.

"Of course I'm going to keep him, Timothy.  I plan on making him happy somewhere down the road." Allan replied, turning back to his breakfast.  "Would you find him, and show him to a room of his own?"

"Of course sir," Timothy said, leaving the room.  He found Lincoln in the upstairs hallway looking lost.  "Mr. Witherspoon?"

"Do you know where my clothing is? I really don't feel like leaving 'ave naked." Lincoln asked the butler.

"Mr. Bates would like me to show you to a room where you can rest," Timothy said, seeing Lincoln shake his head no.

"Um, I really rather go 'ome, then face that blood prick again." Lincoln replied, swearing he saw a twitch to the old man's face.

"I'm sorry sir, but Mr. Bates gave me orders." Timothy said, moving down the hallway hoping the boy would follow.

"I 'ave a life, I 'ave things to do, and I don't need 'im telling me what I can and can't do, I'm bloody well old enough to do as I please," Lincoln said, following after the man.

"Yes sir," Timothy replied softly, opening a door to a room and shooed Lincoln into it.  "I will look in on your…"

"Cat, a small calico cat." Lincoln said, turning back to him.  "Thank you."

"It's all right," Timothy said turning to leave, Lincoln watched the door close and looked around the room.  It was nice, sparsely decorated in earthy tones.  Walking over he dropped down on the bed, god he hated this already.  How long did Allan plan to blackmail him?  And how long would he be able to take it.  Feeling tears again, he buried his head into the pillows and cried.


Allan stopped outside of Lincoln's room, he could hear the sobs.  He also had to fight the feeling to go and comfort the boy, yet knew that Lincoln would just be angrier with him if he did.  Turning he headed to his room, going in he dropped down on his bed.  Hell when he had come up with this plan it had sounded good, but now.

"Christ," Allan muttered softly as he ran a hand over his face.  This wasn't how it was supposed to go, Lincoln was supposed to melt at his feet and look at him adored.  At least that's what all the others did, but Lincoln just continued to fight him.  He called out when he heard a knock on his door.

"Mr. Bates there's a phone call for you." Timothy said, seeing the man pull himself up.

"Thanks," Allan said, getting up and heading down to his study.  Picking up his phone he dropped down into his chair as he listened to the man on the other end.  "Fine that will work, please just do it."

Allan hung the phone up, looking he saw Lincoln standing in the doorway to his office.  He waited, wondering if he was in for another dressing down or if Lincoln had something else on his mind.  "What can I do for you Lincoln?"

"There's a few things I want from my 'ouse, but your butler said I 'ad to talk to you first." Lincoln said, pulling the robe tighter around him.  "And I'm very uncomfortable being in a robe, I'd like some clothes."

"Fine, tell Timothy to get what ever you want." Allan said, seeing the boy nod before disappearing from the doorway.  He could hear Lincoln and Timothy talking outside his door.  After a few minutes he heard nothing, and getting up walked out of his study seeing the area was empty.  Walking up the stairs he knocked on Lincoln's door.

"Yeah?" The boy called out, looking up when Allan entered.

"Would you like to go out tonight?  There's this great French restaurant down the road." Allan asked, staying by the door.

"I really don't feel like it, I'm kind of sore, and I 'ave a 'eadache."  Lincoln said softly pulling the covers tighter around himself hoping Allan would just leave him alone.

"All right, I'll have Timothy bring you some soup and aspirin when he gets back," Allan said, leaving the room.  He sighed as he went to get dressed.  Once done, he went back down to his study to get some work done.


"Yeah?" Lincoln asked when a knock came to his door.  It opened seeing Timothy entered with a tray, and his little cat followed behind.  Lincoln smiled as the cat jumped up on the bed as Timothy set the tray down.

"Mr. Bates said you weren't feeling the best." Timothy said, hearing a snort from the boy.

" 'Ow an I suppose to feel after…" Lincoln trailed off, a blush spreading across his face.  "Sorry."

"Its understandable, no reason to be sorry." Timothy said, heading towards the door.  "Call if you need anything else."

"Ok, thanks." Lincoln said, taking the aspirins that were on the tray, and then trying the soup.  He fed some of the soup to his cat as he ate.  "Did you 'ear that Kaleidoscope, that I'm being made a fool of by my boss?"

The cat meowed; reaching out Lincoln gently petted the cat's head. Going back to his soup, Lincoln was quiet seeing the cat curl up at the end of the bed to sleep.  After finishing his soup he placed the tray on the bedside table and lying back down pulled the covers almost over his head.  He was hoping that the weekend went fast, and that come Monday Allan would forget about the whole thing.


Darkladyknight's Ramblings: Allan is such a prick in the beginning of this.  Of course we all know that that isn't going to change much in the long run.  As for poor Lincoln don't think of him as the poor victim yet.  Lincoln will challenge Allan in more ways then one.

Darkladyknight's Preview: Lincoln and Allan will continue to clash.  Lincoln breaks down and tells his sister about what Allan is doing, and then tells her that he will deal with it.  Things at work are getting on the boy's nerves and Allan try's once again to assert his dominance over Lincoln once again.