Blackmail Love

Chapter Twelve


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Allan entered his house, not even bothering to turn on any lights. Pulling his coat off, he hung it up as he walked by the coat rack. Dinner had been okay, a little heartbreaking watching the way Armand doted over Destin. But Allan had to admit if Lincoln had ever looked at him the way Destin looked at Armand he would dote too.

"Allan?" Allan turned at the sound of his name spoken softly. Turning he sucked in a deep breath not believing that Lincoln was actually standing there. For several minutes he stood, just staring at the boy. Maybe he had lost his mind; maybe he had finally gone crazy. But a second later Lincoln was walking towards him, by him and up the stairs. Turning he looked after the retreating boy.

Turning Allan followed after him, seeing that Lincoln was shedding clothing as he went. By the time he got to the bedroom, Lincoln was lying on the bed nude. His body spread out like an offering to Allan. Looking up he met Lincoln's eyes in the darkness of the room. He couldn't hold back the desire that ran though him, and without looking away he started to pull the clothing from his own body.

Naked skin slipped against naked skin and Allan moaned. Leaning he ran a tongue over heated skin, loving the small whimpers he was pulling from the boy under him. If he was crazy or this was a dream then he was content to stay right where he was. Dipping down, he ran kisses and licks down the length of Lincoln's body. Reaching into the drawer beside the bed, he pulled out the lube.

"Beautiful." Allan muttered coating his fingers in the slippery substance. Slipping a finger into Lincoln, he moaned again as the feeling of Lincoln's tight walls closed around his finger. Leaning down, he found Lincoln's belly ring, slowly rolling it around his tongue. Every few times he would slip his tongue into Lincoln's belly button hearing the boy's moans becoming more persistent.

Another finger slipped in, and Lincoln arched against him. Leaning up he watched the boy as he slowly stretched him. A smile found Allan's face; slowly shifting he coated his erection in lube. Shifting he leaned up capturing Lincoln's mouth as he pushed into Lincoln's body. The boy was tight, and Allan groaned against Lincoln's mouth.

Allan all but lost it when Lincoln's legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He pushed into the boy like a man starved and this was his last meal. Each thrust pulling delicious gasps from Lincoln, making Allan smile. Reaching between them, he grasped Lincoln's erection stroking in time with his thrust. Another few thrust and Lincoln was coming, crying out and tightening around Allan.

"God!" Allan hissed as he orgasmed hard, his sight blurring slightly. He leaned against his arms, trying to keep his weight off Lincoln. Leaning he kissed the boy's mouth again before pulling away to get cleaned up. They cleaned up in silence, and Allan couldn't help but watch Lincoln wondering if the boy would disappear with the morning light. Crawling back into bed, Allan looked to see Lincoln was curled on one side of the bed.

He was still slightly surprised when Lincoln rolled and snuggled into his side. Allan wrapped his arms around the boy pulling him close and inhaling his scent. Lincoln hadn't offered an explanation at his sudden appearance after so many days of silence and Allan didn't ask. It was better that way, better now that Lincoln was back in his arms.


Allan rolled, reaching out to find the other side of the bed cold and empty. Opening his eyes he rolled to his back sighing. Was it a dream? Did he dream about Lincoln last night? No, he could still smell the boy, and he felt incredibly satisfied. Getting up he pulled on his clothing, and headed down towards the dinning room.

He stopped in doorway, watching as Lincoln ate. Something inside him shifted, and Allan smiled. It was good to have the boy back; good to have him home where he belonged. Walking in he sat down seeing Lincoln glance up at him and smile shyly. Thanking Timothy for his coffee Allan couldn't take his eyes from Lincoln.

"You've lost weight." Allan muttered softly noticing now what he had failed to last night.

"I 'aven't been really hungry lately." Lincoln shrugged, not saying that he hadn't felt like eating because he was withering away without Allan. "Haven't had a reason."

"You do now." Allan smiled, letting Lincoln know without saying that he was glad he was home.

"Did you fill my position?" Lincoln asked softly, he glanced up at Allan. He had be pretty much running on autopilot since Allan left. But know that he was home, and fed both ways he had time to think about it.

"No." Allan replied. "I hadn't been able to find a decent replacement."

"Do I still have the job?" Lincoln asked uncertainty creeping into his voice. He hadn't worried about much, except making his way back to Allan. Looking up, he met Allan's eyes. He didn't like the fact that Allan was silent and regarding him with a blank expression.

"Of course you do." Allan finally answered. He watched as Lincoln smiled, and he had to return the smile.

"We should finish up and get going then?" Lincoln asked standing.

"Of course." Allan said following the boy from the room. Once dressed and on the way to the office, Allan took a deep breath. Everything was right in his world right now. Once dressed, they headed into the office getting several strange looks from everyone they passed.


"So Destin called," Allan stated softly looking up from his paper. "He said that he was having a surprise birthday party for Armand in a week."

"Oh?" Lincoln looked up from the letter he was writing to his mother. He knew she would be upset that he left England again, but he needed to be with Allan.

"And I think we should go." Allan grinned at the surprise that crossed Lincoln's face.

"We should?" Lincoln asked, raising an eyebrow at his lover. He had been back for a month, and surprisingly they had fallen into the pattern of an old married coupled. Or at least it seemed that way sometimes during the evenings when they relaxed.

"You're still friends with Destin right?" Allan asked, seeing Lincoln nod his head yes.

"Of course." Lincoln shifted. "Destin called me a lot when I was still in England, just to check up."

"Ah." Allan said going back to his paper. He still feared waking up and not finding Lincoln there, or having the boy say one day that it just wasn't working out.

"You don't have to worry Allan." Lincoln said a short time later. He met Allan's eyes, seeing the statement puzzled the man. "I'm not going anywhere, I'm here and yours."

Allan was speechless; Lincoln had stated that and then gone back to his letter writing. As if he had just told Allan that he liked apples. Things like that made Allan ache, realizing that he might have damaged the kid more then he had thought, not that he had ever wanted to hurt Lincoln in anyway.

They went to the party for Armand; Allan watching as Lincoln socialized and reunited with friends that he had made. He even put up with the evil eye that Destin kept giving him. Even on the drive back and in bed that night Allan dealt with his feelings and those that Lincoln was going off.


Allan watched as Lincoln paced. He could see that something weighed heavy on the boy's mind. But for the life of him he couldn't figure out what the hell was up with Lincoln. Getting up he walked over wrapping his arms around Lincoln and was surprised when Lincoln suddenly sagged against him and started to sob.

"Shush, its okay baby let it out." Allan cooed softly lowering the boy to the floor. Holding Lincoln tightly in his arms, Allan had suddenly panicked that he had pushed Lincoln over the edge.

"It…It's not y…you." Lincoln said clinging to the man.

"Then what is it?" Allan asked only to have the boy shake his head. Bending down Allan picked him up, turning to carry him to the bedroom. Allan held him, while Lincoln sobbed then was quiet, until the boy feel asleep. He held Lincoln long into the night; his heart ached for what he had done.

Shifting, Allan looked down at the boy in his arms. Lincoln face was splotchy red and slightly puffy from his crying. Reaching up he let his hand run over the boy's face. He had to do something; he had caused the love of his life too much pain. He needed to fix it, and fast.

Closing his eyes, he slept until he felt Lincoln shifting. He lay still, waiting as he felt the boy shift. Lincoln got out of bed, and he heard the boy going into the bathroom. He heard noises, the toilet flushed, the water turned on then off. And then Lincoln was crawling back into bed with him.

Allan grinned as the boy cuddled in. Wrapping his arms around the boy tightly he shifted. Reaching up he let his fingers run though the boy's hair hearing Lincoln sigh. "What are you thinking about?"

"About when I feel in love with you." Lincoln answered quietly not lifting his head from Allan's chest.

Allan held his breath, his mind going over what he had just heard. Lincoln loved him, really that's all he had ever wanted. "Lincoln?"

"Hum?" Lincoln asked looking up.

"Do you really love me?" Allan whispered almost afraid of the answer.

"Yes Allan I do." Lincoln said smiling softly

"I love you also, but I was afraid to tell you." Allan said softly, reaching down to pull Lincoln up onto his chest.

"It's okay." Lincoln grinned, shifting to press his lips to Allan's. Letting the kiss deepen, Lincoln pressed his tongue to Allan's lips. Instantly the man opened his mouth to Lincoln's explorations. When the need to breathe made him pull back Lincoln shifted to straddle the man.

"Linc?" Allan asked, watching as the boy's slender hands ran over his body.

"Hum?" Lincoln asked, leaning down to run his tongue around the man's nipple.

"What are you doing?" Allan asked, his voice husky.

"Well, I'm seducing you right now." Lincoln's grin turned wicked. He shifted and then leaned to find one of Allan's ears. "Then I'm gonna ride you until you can't think straight."

"I can do that." Allan said grinning at the boy.


Lincoln stretched, looking over at Destin. The last several months had been very emotional on him, not to mention Destin. Knowing all that Destin had been though, he wondered that the boy could be so calm. Sure Destin's attacker was in jail, the boy was engaged to the man he loved. But still.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" Destin asked looking over at Lincoln.

"You mostly." Lincoln replied seeing Destin raise an eyebrow.

"Well then." The boy laughed, shaking his head as he looked out over the yard.

"Not like that, its just you've been though so much." Lincoln said, watching as Destin looked over at him again. He could see the boy was contemplating on what to say. "You're strong Destin, I'm not sure I could be so forgiving if I were in your shoes."

"It's easier, to forgive and move on then to spend the rest of my life being bitter over what happened." Destin replies shrugging. "Besides, in the end it worked out."

"I guess." Lincoln nodded.

"So tell me about what happened in England?" Destin asked.

"Allan took care of it, he found the men who killed my father and made sure they were taken care of." Lincoln said softly. "He also told me he loved me."

"Really?" Destin asked grinning. "It's good."

"It's very good." Lincoln couldn't help but smile. Sex between him and Allan was different now, he participated more and found he like to make Allan forget himself. He grinned again. "Oh yeah very good."

Destin smiled the laughed. Shaking his head, he looked at his friend before turning his attention out over the yard. The weather was turning colder, but still nice enough to be outside. Leaning back he looked over at Lincoln, seeing the boy was watching him again.

"Hey." Both boys turned, seeing Allan and Armand behind them.

"Hey." Destin said watching as both men came to sit across from them.

"You boy's want to go out to dinner?" Allan asked, looking between the two. Allan could see that Destin looked tired, and wondered how well the boy was doing. Although Armand said that he was healing and getting better, he could see that Destin hadn't put all the weight he had lost back on.

"I would, Destin?" Lincoln turned to the boy sitting next to him.

"Sure, it would be a pleasure to go out with you and Allan." Destin said as he stood. "I'm gonna go clean up."

"Okay." Allan said surprised at the boy's answer. He looked over at Armand the question in his eyes plan to see. "What's up with him?"

"I told him." Lincoln said softly, seeing them look at him. Smiling he met Allan's eyes. "I told him you love me."

"Ah." Allan nodded.

"Well I for one, am glad that you two are finally fixing things." Armand said grinning as he stood, and leading the way into the kitchen. "Maggie?"

"Hum?" The woman answered smiling.

"Destin and I are going out to dinner with Allan and Lincoln." Armand told her. "And tell Gates not to worry, I'm gonna take Destin's car."

"Alright, have fun." Margaret said leaving the room.

"How's that coming?" Allan asked, seeing Armand look at him. "Teaching Destin to drive?"

"Not bad." Armand said grinning. They turned when Destin came back into the kitchen, seeing the boy had changed into something very nice.

"Ready?" Allan asked seeing them all nod. Dinner that night proved to be humorous and interesting. Allan and Lincoln had a great time and were glad to have friends like Armand and Destin.


Lincoln smiled at his lover, watching Allan across the expanse of the hot tub. He could see, by the way Allan's head was leaning back that the man had finally managed to relax. Moving slowly and smoothly Lincoln was straddling Allan before the man knew a thing.

"Hey," Allan muttered softly as his arms wrapped around his lover's waist.

"Hey." Lincoln returned love shown in his eyes. "I'm a very lucky person."

"Not as lucky as I am." Allan said. "You forgive me right, Lincoln?"

"For?" Lincoln asked shifting.

"For everything, for what I did to you, how I was a fool to think I could blackmail you into loving me. How I was such an ass, and hurt you in so many ways." Allan said softly. Reaching up he caressed his lover's cheek, watching as Lincoln's eyes got drowsy.

"Yes Allan, for everything." Lincoln said leaning to rest his forehead against the juncture of Allan's neck and shoulder. "I love you, and have for a long time."

"Thank you, to everyone who listened to my prayers." Allan whispered his arms tightening around the boy. Closing his eyes he leaned his head slightly. He could feel his lover relaxing against him, and knew it was only a matter of time before Lincoln feel asleep. "Come on let's go to bed."

"Yeah." Lincoln replied getting out and grabbing a towel. Allan smiled; he was right behind Lincoln grabbing the boy up. As he carried his price to the bedroom, Allan couldn't help but think he was the luckiest man in the whole world. Walking through the bedroom, Allan entered the bathroom gently setting the boy onto his feet. "I thought we were going to bed?"

"Shower first, then bed." Allan grinned, turning on the water. Once it was heated, he pulled the boy into the spray after him. Talking great care in washing his lover, Allan watched Lincoln's face. With a wicked smile, Allan brought Lincoln to climax with his hand.

"Wow." Lincoln leaned against Allan. He could barely stand his legs were shaky.

"Yeah." Allan grinned swinging the boy up. He walked naked into the bedroom, laying Lincoln down onto the bed then joined him. "I love you."

"Love you too." Lincoln snuggled up to him.

"Marry me?" Allan asked, he watched as Lincoln bolted upright looking at him.

"What?" Lincoln asked suddenly wide-awake.

"Marry me." Allan said not liking the look on the boy's face. He could see that Lincoln looked scared, then pissed, finally it settled into resolve.

"No." Lincoln said watching as Allan looked like he had been kicked. Reaching up, he took Allan's hands before the man could pull away. "I love you, a lot. I will live with you until the day I die. You have me body heart and soul. But I will not marry you."

"Why?" Allan asked, seeing something in the boy's eyes.

"I don't believe in marriage." Lincoln said. "For us, I hope that we don't need a piece of paper in order for us to declare our love. I want to be with you for the rest of my life, but I don't need a judge or priest to tell me that."

"Alright." Allan said. "But I do want a few things, I want our names to go onto things. I want everyone to know we're together forever."

"Of course." Lincoln said laying back down. Reaching up he pulled Allan down to him, kissing the man's lips before sighing softly.

Allan climbed into the bed, pulling Lincoln close. He was content, at least now knowing that Lincoln would stay with him. While the boy's turning down of his proposal hurt, it wasn't the end. Lincoln's passionate declarations made him smile. And he looked forward to the years to come, of all the challenges that he would face, with Lincoln.

The End.


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