Cry dear, and eat your words.
Feel misery I've been holding for the both of us.
You'll never what?
You'll never let me down again?
Why don't you write that down?
One for the history books.

Let's remember that when we come here again,
When you want to apologize,
Like you really, really mean it
This time.

I'll get us both some drinks,
Cause you're going to eat those words
You speak so fervently right now,
And which have the effect of
A bandage on a corpse.

I'm sorry dear, but you're
Making me sick, and I
Can't stand it here
With you.
Your heart needs replacement,
Your tongue needs a new set of words,
And all the worthless sorries take their toll
On you and I until they bounce right off.
I've got to feel again, my dear,
And to be honest,
You've been sucking me dry
Since the first day we met
And I'm sick of it.