Adonia's My Life Story: Intro

Hey, you curious reader. I just hope you aren't a family member or old enemy, 'cause this'd offend you quite a bit. SORRY, if you are.
Again, HEY! I'm Virginia Samantha Lawrence. It's very interesting to have my parents call threateningly, "Virginia Samantha!" It must be a mouthful too. So I usually just go by Ginny.
Ginny Lawrence. Yep. Me. I'm 15 and I, uh, I go to a Catholic high school, yet I'm a witch (wiccan). St. Mary's High School. Yep. My school. Strict, Catholic, yet I'm a Pagan. HUH? Kyle and Kelly Lawrence. Yeah, my SO PERFECT CATHOLIC parents. Elisabeth, Kristen, and Isabelle Lawrence. Yah, my so perfect catholic sisters. And all of their names mean Consecrated to God. Hee, hee. Thankfully, Virginia means Virginal/Pure. Well, Samantha means Listener of God. Yeah, RIGHT! So, I'm Ginny, almost always, that or Adonia. San Francisco. My hometown, weird large city in California. Hey, something that actually fits my secret life!
Right, this probably has nothing you can make sense out of. All Catholic life, yet Pagan. OK, my parents don't know. Supposedly, I'm this perfect little Catholic girl who goes to a strict church on St Mary's campus in my perfect school uniform every Wednesday and Sunday. *laughs evilly* (I doubt that's a word.) If they think that, my parents and the rest of my family, they are SO confused!
I'm Pagan, and have been since I was 8. By 18, my goal is to be a high priestess, and I am so close! I'll just have to tell my parents.AS LONG AS THEY DON'T HAVE CUSTODY OF ME! Else, they'd literally kill me.
This is my life, enjoy!