Sunday, December 4, 2006

Day 100, Entry 1

Adonia's My Life Story

Sometimes I hate the holidays. First of all, we go to church like very day during school when it's close to a holiday. Plus, my family goes every Wednesday to church around holidays. We still go on Sundays…and those services are ever longer! Two or three hours! Wow, that's a lot of church, huh?

But then again, we get a week of for Thanksgiving and two weeks off for Christmas and Easter. And break from school are a dream. Especially since we don't get that many. We don't have teacher workdays or whatever; we just have one hour late start every other Thursday. We get Veteran's, Labor, Memorial, and President's Day off, but really nothing else. So those two weeks off are a lifesaver!

Anyway, it's fun, because in school we really focus on those tree holidays. So we get to learn stuff about them in every class except math and electives. It's fun to decorate the school and church and house, too. Anyway, as a plus for Christmas,/Yule break, we don't get ANY homework or projects! Woot woot!

However, I do have a report due Wednesday, so I'm gonna go finish that.

-Ginny/Adonia Celia Malachite

Tuesday, December 20, 2006

Day 116, Entry 1

Adonia's My Life Story

Yes! We're out for Christmas break! Actually, we got out on Friday, but it's still exciting! D Anyway, Yule's tomorrow, and I'm trying to find a ritual for it….Hopefully I'll find one. Oh, I wish I could open my presents tomorrow, seeing as that's my holiday, but I've gotta wait for the 25th…Oh, and guess what? I just figured out that on Christmas Eve we're going to church for 5 hours, and then 2 on Christmas morning after opening our presents…jeez!!!!!!!!!! O I think I might just die… :( Our house looks so pretty, tho. I even helped set everything up, because it was fun. We've had the tree up since after Thanksgiving, but I helped put all the cut-out snowflakes on our windows and spread fake snow on the cloth under the tree. Luckily, we don't put any lights outside, tho, because I hate that!

Yah, and last week we hardly did any work. The younger kids were making ornaments and stuff (elementary

school), so the high school kids went to help. According to my sisters, the middle school talked a lot about the "meaning

of Christmas." Tee, hee…I remember having to do that! Kristen said she almost fell asleep… But lucky me (and Lisa) got

to help little kids. I helped that girl that I was helping pick up her stuff a while ago. It turns out she was actually just

really shy and always acted like that at first. But she's really nice and sweet. She seems like me when I was her

age… D

Anyway, I'm bored…So I'm gonna go keep looking for a good Yule ritual! (Oooooo, guess what? I survived 69

days of school)

-Ginny/Adonia Celia Malachite

Wednesday, December 21, 2006

Day 117, Entry 1

Adonia's My Life Story

Yay! It's Yule! Go Yule! Tee, hee….I exchanged gifts with Jordan and Callie. So, at least I got two gifts on my

real Holiday! But other than that, today's been pretty boring….I mean, my parents keep calling everyone to make sure

they're coming on Friday…And Lisa is in a really bad mood because she doesn't have any Wiccan friends…Kristen and

Belle said that they don't want all our relatives to come (to me, not our parents!) cuz they can be really annoying,

especially our 4 year old cousins…Tee, hee…Actually, I agree with them! D

-Ginny/Adonia Celia Malachite

Saturday, December 24, 2006

Day 120, Entry 1

Adonia's My Life Story

Oh, joy, it's Christmas Eve! Luckily, it's 10:00 (AM) so we're not going to church for another…5 hours…It

starts at 4:00…Urgh…Yeah, well all our relatives are here, even the annoying cousins…Eeek! And I'm supposed to look

after them…Well, luckily, a lot of my friends from school are going to our same church service…And at least the service

also includes an hour long dinner…So really, it's only 4 hours of church! Well, actually, 3 and ½ cuz for half an hour at

the end we get to eat cookies and talk to each other! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Well, even tho we have 5 hours, Mom says

we need to eat lunch (soon), get ready (soon) and then just…sit around, I guess, cuz it's gonna take me like 45 minutes

to do those, maybe less…Zzzzzzzz….How boring…

-Ginny/Adonia Celia Malachite

Sunday, December 25, 2006

Day 121, Entry 1

Adonia's My Life Story

Cool, I got to open my presents! I guess I got what I wanted, at least I didn't get any bibles or rosaries…I got a

couple books I wanted, a really nice red sweater from my grandmother, the Rent CD, a Christmas CD, a bunch of gift

cards to Borders, and even some jazz shoes…though I'm not sure why…I think my mom is planning on letting me start

dance…That would be awesome!!!! D

Anyway, we already went to church, and they weren't really that bad (either service). It was really nice to see

my friends that I haven't seen since we got out of school and my cousins fell asleep so I didn't have to control them

much(gee, I wish I could sleep during church). Well, I'm gonna go, because we're going on a trip down to San Jose (were

my grandparents live) and then from there the whole family's going down to Monterey and that area…Cool, at least I'm

not gonna be stuck at home the whole break!

Blessed Be!!!!!

-Ginny/Adonia Celia Malachite

Wednesday, December 28, 2006

Day 124, Entry 1

Monterey, CA

Adonia's My Life Story

Monterey is really pretty, even though it's December. It's cold, especially since we're right by the ocean, but I

really don't mind. I'm happy to be out of San Francisco and complete boredom. We went to the aquarium(amazing place),

and walked along the coast. We drove down to other small towns, but they were pretty boring. You'd think that being

stuck in a cold, small coast city, I'd be bored out of my mind, but I'm not. We're gonna go see the coast later…I might not

write for a while now, cuz school's starting in a week. ( Darn….