The Untitled Sequel
Chapter 1
Caitlin Walsh

"Judy Palms."
A drum roll and then a moment of silence could be heard through the crowd as they remembered the names of the people killed on the attack on Enduring freedom some ten years ago.
"Whale Paradisi."
To Turtle, the silence seemed defining and infinite. She squeezed her husband's hand for support. They were both friends of Whale. The list went on and on, name after name. All 255 of them. Three of the 23 missing had survived and one of them had spoken today before the calling of the names.
Even after 10 years, the ceremony was still a solemn and somber one. However 9/11, as serious and somber as it was right after the attacks, was steadily becoming forgotten just as the Pearl Harbor attack had become. Now there were children growing up who don't understand the 9/11 attacks just as there were children who grew up and didn't understand the attack on Pearl Harbor and just as there will be children who will grow up and won't understand the attack on Enduring Freedom.
"Mark Zachaiarah"
With this last moment of silence, they were finished; that is until next year. The crowd began to shuffle out.
Turtle looked up at the calling of her name and found Dolphin, her best friend of at least 15 years, (they had lost count) coming through the crowd.
"Dolphin!" Turtle exclaimed. "How are you doing?" she asked in a hushed voice. Whale was Dolphin's crush some ten years ago.
"Pretty good. I'm keeping an eye out for freelance offers now that graduation is near."
"Have you tried the New Yorker?" an abrupt voice from behind called, startling Dolphin. She spun around.
"Shark? Shark? Is that you?" Dolphin asked in disbelief.
"Yup, I got married to Turtle about two years ago. I'm already out of college and have a steady job so..."
"We got him on Extreme Makeover as a wedding present. It's the joke among our families because we made him look like a slob that lives with mother still and hasn't had a date in years."
Turtle and Shark both laughed while Dolphin looked bewildered and bemused at the same time.
Turtle looked at her watch. "Oh honey, we better move if we want to catch the two o'clock shuttle as planned."
Dolphin's face perked up. "Shuttle? To where?" she asked in interest.
"Oh, just the shuttle to the city," Shark said. "You live in Bridgeport, right?"
"Um, yeah."
Shark smiled a little smile. "Best be off then, with the commute and all, huh? Bye Dolphin. Shall we Turtle?"
"Yeah, bye Dolphin, call me, alright?"
"Um, ok. Bye guys," Dolphin said, barely audible as Turtle and Shark merged into the river that was the crowd heading out. Dolphin stood there for a while, contemplating things.
"Whew, that was a close one," Turtle said as she plopped down on one of the many comfy and plush couches in her living room.
"Yes, you just need to be more subtle," Shark said as he sat down next to Turtle.
Turtle kissed her husband. It was one of those quick pecks on the cheek, not one of those long and intimate kisses they shared only a few years ago. This whole living on the moon thing is driving me nuts. It's too stressful, Turtle thought as she said "I know, honey. I know. I'm trying. It's just hard to basically lie to my best friend of some 15 years."
"I've never known a best friend like that but I can see that you are trying so..."
"So... what?"
"So just be more subtle, that's all!"
"Shark! Why can't I tell her?! "
Shark scrunched up his face. "Well, I'm not supposed to tell anyone. This is still top secret. Work is basically forcing us to live up here and forbidding us to tell anyone!" He had started to pace and talking about work had gotten him really worked up. Although Shark was really smart, he was a free spirit and hated having to work in a confined environment.
"So why don't you quit and we can get off this hell hole?" I never thought that I would think the moon as a hellhole, but I just hate living here! "If you want to keep working," Turtle continued "in rocket science you can work for the Russians."
"Argh. I want to keep my salary and keep working for an American employer."
"Oh. Well stop complaining then."
Shark looked a bit flabbergasted, but he recovered quickly as he mumbled "Fine."
Turtle stormed off and headed to her computer room.
Women, Shark thought as he headed to his game room.
I'm here, nobody, Dolphin thought depressingly as she unlocked the door to her dark and lonely house; she was single and not loving it.
Dolphin mused over her predicament as she made her dinner. Leftovers again, ick! Then she mulled over the last ten years while watching TV. Her life was changing as she neared another crossroad in her life. This one was a happy one; not like the last big choice she had to make:
About a month after the attack on Enduring Freedom, or after they had finally finished cleaning up and life had gotten back to normal, a notice was sent to all the families: there was a date a few weeks away where families could either leave, relocate to a different colony, or stay at Enduring Freedom. Dolphin was torn between staying with Turtle, who had to stay because of her parent's jobs, and going to a really nice private high school in Connecticut. She really wanted to go to that high school and she didn't like living where her crush died. But she also felt loyal to Turtle.
After a few days of discussions with Turtle, Mom and Dad, and Turtle's parents, it was settled: Dolphin and her family would leave and move to Bridgeport. Dolphin would go to school and after a year, Turtle would leave the colony and move in with Dolphin and her parents. This worked out because Dolphin was an only child.
Soon it was 9:00, bedtime for Dolphin because she had an early class, but she was too depressed to go to bed. So against her better judgment, she stayed up. By 9:30 there was nothing on that Dolphin liked yet she stayed put, eyes glazed over by watching too many infomercials. Finally, by ten o'clock, Dolphin's eyes were finally getting heavy, but her butt stayed glued to her chair. She was getting weary and tired and soon Dolphin fell asleep in her chair, the faint glow of the TV still on her face...

She was... well it took her awhile to remember where she was but when she did it hit her with a wave of stomach twisting sadness and repulsion. Dolphin was at the lake, just a few hours before the attack. Someone went right through her and made her realize that it was just a dream.
"Excuse me," she said absently, still in shock that she was invisible. It sounded like no one could hear her either.
Soon she caught sight of herself and the other three walking toward the lake. It took her a minute to realize the reason why they were there. Oh yeah, she thought the fireworks. She was overcome with the urge to warn the group and started to walk toward them, waving her arms and screaming at the top of her lungs. But the group just walked through her, completely oblivious to her. That stopped Dolphin dead in her tracks and she turned around to watch the group, only she knowing the fate that awaited them.
Being at the lake brought on a wave of memories that repressed for ten years and now were surging out. She and Turtle were running toward the high school when Shark caught up with them without Whale. When she took her shoes off and Turtle 'accidentally' dropped them. When they finally had gotten to the high school and the wave of water crashed on top of the building and then the defining silence afterwards. The next day when Whale's body was found and she was overcome with weeping. These memories kept running around in Dolphin's head. Running, Shoes, Silence, Whale. Running, Shoes, Silence, Whale. Running, Shoes, Silence, Whale. Running, Shoes, Silence, Whale. Before Dolphin knew it, she was screaming her head off. And then the wall of water was in front of her; right then and there she wanted to die, to end her torment. She started running in the opposite direction of everyone else, toward the wall of water instead of away from it.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," some one shouted as the wall of water got closer or she to it. Dolphin didn't know whom it was but she just kept on running.
And the water was on her and all around her were cut-off screams of agony and fear. Everyone was dying but her. The water just went trough her, she couldn't even feel it's iciness. The scene that was unfolding around her- the scene that she missed when she headed to the High school with the crowd- was enough to add to her torment. Dolphin broke out in new screams as the horror in front of her dissolved.

It was her own screaming that woke her with a start.