Dolphin woke up with a start, her mouth still open form her screaming. She rolled over to look at the clock. She had been waken up early by her dreams AGAIN. They were getting more frequent now, probably since it was the ten year anniversary. She had to call her therapist and schedule an appointment, or at least talk to her on the phone.

Dolphin slowly sat up. She got her journal and scribbled a note or two in there. She was sick and tired of not remembering how she felt when she managed to get a appointment, that and her writing course required a journal the whole semester. So her intimate journal was a dual purpose one.

She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She had gotten up about 30 minutes early so she could take her time. She turned the shower on as she got undressed. She looked at the mirror as she did some soul searching. This was the 5 dream in 7 days, and it was the 3rd time in a row she was woken up by it. This hasn't happened in a long while, she thought as she got in the shower. The hot water pelting her body felt good and by the time she was out, she had completely forgotten the dream.