Hello again everyone, boy I've been posting a lot this past week. Anwyays, I've gotten my friend Erin, into this whole thing to. She decided to write them as well. And I thought I made add, this girl is my best friend (since the summer before fifth grade) and her parents are Joshua's god parents (I personally think they spoil him too much, they've never gotten me cool footy pajamas!)
Here's her letter:

"Dear Black Eyed Peas

I USED to be a fan. I also used to use a word that I now find extremely offensive. I'm in my late teens so I see things probably close to the way you do. The word retarded is a word that touches so many lives. The fact that you think it is a clever play on your words makes me think you don't know the true meaning for so many lives. When you see a small child being taunted by other kids screaming, "Retard! Retard" it truly breaks your heart. My best friends brother has downs syndrome and he has truly changed my life. I now never refer to things as being "retard" anymore. Whenever I hear anyone (mostly friends or peers) say that "word" I correct them and ask them to be polite because they are offending me and anyone who knows someone with a mental disability.

I would also like to add that I am from Detroit and the version of "lets get it started" was used during the Pistons Playoffs. I think that is a much better way of getting the same point around. I'm not trying to dis you or your music, but by using the word retard you have lost me as a fan an offended me, my friends and our families.

Sincerely yours,

Erin from Detroit"

Here's their response (though we're not quite sure which member it was):

" Ok. Sorry about that. Hope you find another group to take our place. And sorry about your best friends' brother, I truly am.

First, I'd like to say, I don't WANT him to be sorry for my brother, I don't want anybody to be sorry for him in fact. Here's Erin's response to that as well:

"i find it funny that a response was sent so fast.
i do not believe that members of the band really wrote this or look at my letter
and plez dont be sorry about Josh he's perfect the way he is and we love him so much"

We're really not sure if it is the band who's looking at the anymore. The e-mail address that sent it to her was from earthlink, but it must be someone assciated with the BEP. So, THIS will not be my last chapter. I'm gonna try starting a petition type thing and get it going at school. I'm not sure who I'll send it to exactly or what I'm going to write in it but I'm determined to get my message across!