Original Date: 10-10-2004


Her silhouette pervades my thoughts
Occasions me to think things out
What is right and what is not
The obvious from the long-shot
The cold and cunning from the zesty and hot
The calm and peaceful from the emotionally distraught

Yes, I think things through
Dilly-dallying to the Banyan tree where we'd first met
How we'd chiseled in our names that summer
Such was our bond and the tradition grew
Year after year we returned
Not a care in the world
Though we got sunburned
Such was our bond and we grew in love
This was destined to be, these matters of the heart
But I guess there's always the lightning before thunder
--as is the calm before the storm
Things fell apart:

Walking down Noir Lane to our favorite spot
I saw them fondling together
Next came the hug, a kiss, or maybe it wasn't her?
I reached for my Luger, the falling scarf causing all this blur...

I wish I didn't pull the trigger
Tick tick one, tick tick two, tick tick bam!
A sailor setting sail to find a new perspective
Seeing through twelve steel bars
How I long to see things anew,
Such is my rotten fate; everything appears askew.

Written while in college (UGA)