Vengeance courses through my veins
As I try to freeze it with thoughts of you
But it becomes hard when I never see you
I become overwhelmed by your sheer presence
I'm trapped in a house of mirrors
And every-time I turn around I scare myself
Because I see me, and my mind sees you
When everything I know gets turned upside down—
It reminds me of Halloween.
It started out as a fun, goofy holiday,
That I used to be someone else, better than myself,
Now it's a day of sorrow that I'll never forget
That I'll always remember with regret
Just another memory to store in my box of secrets
Am I an artist? Or merely a poet?
Is there beauty in this or is it just words?
Has this pistol lost its bullets
Or are there still some left?
Is my aim a bit off?
Or have I just lost my touch?
Suddenly, this seems like too much.
If my life was a mirror, what would I see?
Why, a soul as black as night,
Struggling to show the light,
Would stare back at me.
This could be gibberish, or it could make sense,
It all depends on your perspective.
This sonnet is a piece of my mind,
At one point in time,
That can show how truly random I am.
I may not be unique,
But I'm still me.