Due to circumstances beyond my control, like traffic, I missed the opening statements and the first question. So my extra credit will focus solely on the question and answer part of the debate. As you know I am extremely pro-Kerry, so do not expect this to be nonpartisan, but I will try my best to be fair.
Let's start with Iraq because that's all that is mentioned for the first half hour. Personally, I've had enough of Iraq. I get it. Bush is for it; Kerry is against it. Bush will quote Kerry's phrase "the wrong war" millions of times and Kerry will claim Bush went about the war incorrectly and that he has a better plan for the war. No matter how long they talk about it, Kerry will never tell us what the plan is. So, MOVE ON. There are other important things in our nation, or at least I think there are.
The Iran question is a good one, but it brings on more talk of Iraq. Oh, joy. Kerry mentions getting Britain, France and Germany to help the US deal with Iran and North Korea (thank god some one realizes North Korea has nuclear weapons and is more of a threat than Iraq). He also says something about counter proliferation, but I don't know what the heck that means. Then again maybe I misheard it. Bush replies by saying that Kerry makes him want to scowl. Uh, I think that is somewhat uncalled for, but whatever. Bush claims that he is working with other countries and maybe he is, I don't really know.
Moving on to the draft. Bush says there won't be a draft. He says we have enough volunteer army and that we won't need any manpower in North Korea. So what do we need then? Is Bush going to go say, "Excuse me may I have all your nukes please?" and they're just going to hand them over? I highly doubt it. Oh, we need technology Bush says. I don't think any amount of technology will force North Korea to give up their nukes, but keep dreaming Bush. Kerry is opposed to a draft also (Kerry and Bush agree on something? That's crazy!), but he also points out that with Bush as president we'll need one. You didn't expect them to completely agree, did you? Kerry says our military is overextended, which from my limited knowledge seems to make sense. He also mentions how our guards and reserves have almost turned into active duty. He continues to say that as president he will fix these problems, but doesn't say anything about how except for creating alliances. That seems to be a standard response from him, doesn't it? I absolutely die laughing when Bush interrupts Charlie Gibson (who I personally love) and says he wants to respond, when all Charlie Gibson is trying to say is that Bush can respond. Definitely shows how. ummm.polite our president is, doesn't it? More talk about Iraq and 9/11. are we sure this isn't the first debate? It seems vaguely like deja vu.
Thank God for the change of subject. Bush is pretty big on interrupting, isn't he? First Charlie Gibson and now the questioner. I didn't know there is a problem with drugs from Canada so I'm not sure I understand the question, but Bush seems, dare I say it, genuinely concerned about our safety and health care. A republican who's for drug discount cards and Medicare? That's interesting! Kerry basically calls Bush a liar and says Bush was for drugs from Canada during his first campaign, but has since changed his mind. Kerry also says that the president is the only reason this legislation did not pass. Bush again accuses Kerry of not acting on what he claims to support, but Kerry claims he was on a committee or something and did help Medicare in 1997 in addition to balancing the budget. Ouch, that had to hurt.
I don't really understand what they are talking about in the next question, but I do know Kerry says he has a plan. Hmmm. he must plan a lot, but what are these plans? Maybe they're secret plans! Bush doesn't really answer the health care part of the question. He just babbles on about how Kerry is not going to help the budget deficit, which may be true, but we wouldn't know because we don't know what Kerry's planning! I love how Kerry asked for a follow-up as opposed to interrupting Charlie Gibson, that's a novel idea, isn't it? Ooooo Bush is being nasty about Kerry's attendance records. Cat fight!
The next question is also about money. They're both going to cut the deficit through plans. No one dares to mention what the plans are though. Yay, for Charlie Gibson for telling them they didn't explain their plans. I told you I loved him! I don't understand Bush's or Kerry's second answer though.
I absolutely love that next questioner. He uses the words "unequivocal language!" I also love how Kerry responds, does he have GASP a sense of humor? I love that last line about taxes and rich people! He even apologizes for leaving Charlie Gibson out. how cute! Bush, on the other hand, doesn't seem to like Charlie Gibson very much. "You looked at me as though my time were up." Uh. aren't there lights or something to tell you when your time is up? Both candidates are going to cut the budget. No one is telling us how. Again Charlie points out the lack of explanations of these "plans." Sounds exactly the same as the last question, doesn't it? Can we please move on?
Is Bush an environmentalist? A republican environmentalist? Isn't that an oxymoron? Well, according to Bush he made tons of laws helping the environment. Kudos to him! Wow, Kerry is really funny. I love the Red Sox joke, although he probably just lost the votes of any Red Sox fans. Kerry talks about how Bush's laws did not work. I have no idea what the Kyoto Treaty is. Maybe they should explain their governmental things better!
Wow, Kerry actually explains a plan! I'm amazed! He not only has a plan to make us competitive in manufacturing, but he explains it! Charlie Gibson is awesome for making Kerry explain even more. Kerry isn't going to promise? Wait, isn't that what politicians do? Make promises and then break them? Wow, Bush has a sense of humor too? I wonder if he really owns a timber company. I really wish there was a way to check all these claims Kerry and Bush make and facts they throw around.
A question about the Patriot Act, interesting, but I don't really know the specifics of the act. I wonder if it really does limit our rights. Bush sounds kind of nasty and defensive. Kerry also agrees with the Patriot Act. Kerry and Bush agree on something again? Amazing! Kerry doesn't agree with how Bush is using it. Why am I not surprised?
I don't understand the difference between stem cells and embryonic cells. Kerry mentions Nancy Regan (woa.. Kerry siding with a Republican president's wife?) and Michael J. Fox. He also tells a sad story and mentions Christopher Reeve. Lots of name-dropping, but no question answering. Oh wait, there's the answer. We should use them because otherwise they are just going to be destroyed, which makes sense. Bush thinks it's destroying life and wants to balance ethics and science. What the heck is a waffle-line and is Kerry calling Bush wish-washy indirectly? It does seem that way. Oh, the irony!
Who would they chose as a Supreme Court justice. Let me guess Bush would choose a staunch republican and Kerry would choose a democrat. What do you know? I'm correct. Ha! I'm so smart sometimes! Why doesn't Bush just come out and say he wouldn't chose a Democrat Why beat around the bush? (Go ahead, roll your eyes at me.) His slavery comment makes no sense. If he is implying that Democrats were proslavery it's true, but that was before the parties basically switched ideals. He seems to be talking about some one who interprets the constitution loosely, but he just said before he wanted a strict constructionist and those would've been the people for slavery. So unless he's supporting slavery (I don't think even he is that stupid) that comment has no purpose. Kerry on the other hand is being somewhat wishy washy by claiming we need a middle judge, but that makes sense because the majority of the voters are in the middle of conservative and liberal.
Only two more questions left. Thank you God. Kerry basically doesn't respond to how he feels about abortion. He just says it's the law and he would have to uphold the law. He also talks about lots of good causes our taxes are going to (makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?). Bush has a point in saying Kerry's answer was hard to decipher, but considering the question is a lot easier for some one who doesn't support abortion maybe he should keep his remarks to himself? Kerry makes a good point about referencing a rape case.
I also apologize for the fact that I stopped watching here. I missed the final question and the conclusion, which makes me sad because it probably would've been funny. All in all I think they were both more comfortable on the stage tonight. They both were somewhat humorous also. I think Bush needs to control his temper and lastly I hope to never hear another opinion on Iraq in the course of the rest of the debates.