I am a Pancake

I am a pancake
Yes, it is true.
I am a pancake
What about you?

You might say
That I am a waffle.
But that is not so
For that would be awful.

I am not a human,
An animal or a plant.
This may not make sense,
But reason is scant.

How odd it is
To be a pancake.
I'm made of dough
For goodness sake!

Oh, please be kind
And answer me true.
Now that you know what I am
Whatever shall you do?

Will you mix me with syrup,
Jelly, or jam?
Will you fry up an egg
And eat me with ham?

Perhaps you will
Put me in the freezer.
I do not know
What rhymes with freezer.

We could just be friends.
And that would be quite dandy.
Having a friend who's a pancake
Could really be handy.

But . . . I am a pancake.
Yes, it is true.
I am a pancake.
What about you?