Something is different.
I awoke today to find the world has changed.
Nothing tangible,
I feel it.
It's like a curtain of gray had swept the land.
Everything is without meaning.
Nothing has any value.
I'm drifting from moment to moment,
As if I'm still asleep.
Am I still asleep,
Trapped in a nightmare of depression?
Or is it I just finally woke up?
People are talking to me, but I don't hear them.
Like life was set on mute.
I stare at them perplexed,
As if seeing a human being for the first time.
What an odd creature they are.
They spend their short existences plagued by petty matters.
My ears finally buzz.
I detect an incessant wrapping,
An antagonistic ticking that never ceases.
I stare up into its face.
People continue to talk,
But all I do is gaze upon the ever-moving hands of time.
Its uncaring nature is almost..
I laugh inwardly because I finally get the joke.
Now I see why the clock wears a smirk.
With a smile I look at everyone.
They don't get it.
From now on I'll just stare and give them a broad grim as they talk,
Because I finally get the joke.