Do you really love me?
Or are you just feeding me lies?
Playing some ridiculous mind game?
Do you mean all the things you say?
Those sweet words you whisper in my ear?
Are your kisses promises of forever?
Or are you just looking to use me?
Will I ever get an answer to any of my question?
Or will you just toy with my heart until it's broken again?

I'm tired of asking all these questions
and you've never given me any answers
I'm so confused by the times you love me
and act as if I am your world
and the other times where you treat me like shit
and forget about me
Is it so much to ask?
Just one single answer?
Would it kill you to answer me?

Maybe it would because I know these questions are killing me
I'm so miserable and tired of playing this game
and losing more every single time
Why won't you just answer me?
That's all I need is an answer
Just stop letting me hang by this string
that only you can cut
Just help me down
and answer one single question