Listen to the wind outside your very own window. Can you hear the demons calling? They want your soul. YOUR soul.

SACRED BLESSING By Shion; October 8, 2004

Preface: Balance

When the original god was born, he created the Holy Land. But the Holys took much from him, and he began to die. He created three gods children before he died, Diale of Light, Deity of Life and Good and Lucifer Chaos of Death and Cruelty. All three of these Gods had their choice of gender, whenever they felt like changing it. On his last wish, the great god asked his children not to fight. Once he died, Deity took his place as creator, Lucifer moving down to the lower plains of the Unholy world, finishing the devil kin creations. But Lucifer was lonely in the Unholy lands, and often snooped around the Holy lands. And though they became opposites, Deity and Lucifer never fought. Diale stood in the middle ground, respecting all things. Soon Deity had created the galaxy of Sun and Milky Way as well as the earth, where dinosaurs and animals lived, and eventually humans. One day, Diale of Light became very ill, and separated his soul into two. The two children of Diale were named Waren, Waren of Shadow and Waren of Light. Deity held Waren of Light near his throne, and Waren of Shadow stayed by Lucifer's side. This way neither would know of the other, and thus not destroy the other. But soon the young ones became curious, and ventured far from their land. One day Waren of Shadow found himself at the gates of the Holy Lands, where Waren of Light was wandering. The two there met, seeing they were one in the same. Waren of Light's eyes gold and Waren of Shadow's red. Once their hands touched, they combined. In one body, two souls lay. When one was awake, the other slept in a doll's form. Deity and Lucifer had done all they could, but Waren still became one. Soon Lucifer and Deity got closer, Lucifer giving birth to seven sons and four girls of Deity's.

Lucifer's last son was kindly named Diale. He was adventurous and often tried to free the devil kin against Lucifer's wishes. One day when he freed devilkin, Lucifer became so enraged he sent Diale to earth.

In the Holy Lands, Waren began acting up. Less and less Light Waren was awake, more and more Shadow Waren dominated the body of Waren. Soon Deity sent Waren to earth to get balance.

And there, on Deity's creation, our story begins.