At least these sleepless nights brought you to my door. Now that you're gone again, I don't want to sleep anymore.

By Shion; May 19, 2005

Chapter Seven: Wingless

"Deity, I do not understand…" Light Waren blinked, the god sighing.

"You're genderless, right? It was a statement, but now it's a question. Don't think too much Lord Light, you'll jump to conclusions." Deity smiled, in his real form.

"O-oh. Well, I'm not entirely genderless, but I can be male, female, both or neither depending on my will and control… That's why Shadow is so much more, uhm, masculine than I am." Waren explained, the doll by his waist, he sitting before Deity on his knees. He poked his two index fingers together, staring at them.

"I see. That's different from angels… interesting. Anyways, my advice to you is to go crawling back to my son." Deity grinned. "I have an appointment right now…"

"YOU CAN'T GO IN THERE!!" Angel screamed, Waren sighing and turning to look at the intruder, who was being chased by the woman.

"Angel, calm down, I'm expecting him." Deity stood, the woman huffing.

"Then tell ME that, I'm your secretary for a REASON." She patted the devil on the shoulder.

"Yes Father, and I happen to despise being chased, so make sure she, and everyone else, knows about it when I make appointments to come see you!" The black haired devil roared.

"I am very sorry." Deity patted his son's back. The devil was rather tall, and wore black and red robes with many beads and bones hanging from them. His long black hair was tied about half-way down his back, and went to about mid-derrière. He had currently glaring ebony eyes.

"You should be; I had a hell of a time getting here. At least I didn't cut myself up like Diale-demi did." The black haired huffed.

"Yes, lucky you are. Oh, Light Waren, this is my son Anniston." Deity patted the devil's back.

"Oh, the adopted one." Waren blinked, standing and picking Doll up.

"Indeed. He's much happier around Schaosth, but since he is named after anger… well, you can understand." Deity smiled. "I know my advice to you was not what you wanted Light, but to be honest, I just want my son to be happy."

"I know Deity. Thank you very much." Waren gave a small bow. "It was nice to meet you Anniston of Anger." He gave another bow, this one to Anniston, who returned the favor.

Waren then walked casually from the area.

"So that was Waren of Light?" Anniston watched the white figure drift away.

"Yes. Now, why were you so eager to make an appointment with me, son?" Deity asked, a smile returning to his lips.

"Schaosth can walk." Anniston said simply, Deity blinking and looking completely bemused. "He can! Not very far, and he prefers jumping, but he's better now and I thought you should know. Also, he's deeply in love with me and wishes to elope."

"My… uhm, this is a lot to happen in a week. Well, do you wish to elope to him?" Deity asked, noticing the small hole in the story.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm a war general, not good wife material. I'm afraid if I do elope with him, I might end up hurting him more. I don't want to do that. I can't retire, not yet, the army needs me." Anniston sighed, putting the back of his hand on his forehead and looking up.

"Anniston…" Deity's expression shifted to remorse.


"Sc-Schaosth-demi!" The red headed devil gaped, realizing his younger brother walked.

The gray figure looked dead, walking past his older brother. Without the gates opening he passed through them, wings the only things that touched the metal, and they just sank through.

"He's skinny." The two sisters said together.

"Really." The red head rolled his eyes.

The gray figure marched on, past the bloody scene of souls, past the tunnels to the shops and homes of the Unholys, past the dark buildings. He didn't flinched, walking through the wall of fire that guarded Lucifer Chaos from the outside world.

"Schaosth." The black god blinked, sitting in a tall throne. "You're walking! Come to Mommy!" He reached out his arms, taking the gray figure in them.

The gray figure had rather long gray hair, that was tied into thick pigtails by black braided strings. He wore an off-the-shoulders sweater and matching gray jeans, and was barefoot. His limbs were lanky, though he was rather short, and he was very, very thin. He had rather big gray bat wings, then below them small immobile feathered black wings.

"Where is Anniston?" Lucifer questioned, twirling the gray bangs that hung in the blank gray eyes.

"Seeing Father." The dry, monotone voice croaked.

"I see. I am so glad… so glad."


"Damn. Another headache with pictures." Diale mumbled, rolling over in bed.

"Get up." Waren snapped.

"What!" Diale snapped up, looking around the dark room. Glowing somewhat at the end of his round bed was Waren, who tossed the doll of his likeness at the devil.

"I talked to Deity, who was no help and just told me to come crawling back to you. So here I am, I hope I wasn't supposed to really crawl, that would take a long time." Waren sighed.

Diale caught the doll, smirking.

"It's fine with me if you walk. Or better yet, run." Diale grinned to Waren, who blinked.

"I think I've lost you." Light shrugged. "Do you mind talking to Shadow? He's angry at me it seems; I can't get him to open our mind channels."

"You think he'll talk to ME?" Diale raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I do." Waren smiled. "Will you?"

"Fine." Diale shrugged. "Do the switching thingy."

Waren smiled, glowing gold. The doll glowed red, and the two switched.

Red eyes blinked open, Waren seeming to have grown a bit, as the robes fit a bit better. His white hair fell to his shoulders, since he stumbled forward.

"Why am I back already? Why the hell are you here, what's going on?!" Shadow Waren snapped, putting his fists in the air.

"Calm down." Diale huffed, leaning forward and grabbing the white robes, pulling them onto the round bed, towards him. Waren growled, not liking the contact. "Come here, already."

Waren blinked, nudging back a bit and Diale rolled his eyes, deciding to move forward until he was practically in the other's lap.

"What's wrong?" Diale asked half-assed.

"What the hell does that mean?" Waren snapped back.

"It was a question about your well being. Answer it." Diale smirked. Waren huffed, looking to the wall, then to the glass door. It was raining.

"Nothing." Waren blatantly lied.

"My sister came by." Diale stated, deciding to stir up conversation of the unrelated sort.

"Bomber?" Waren blinked, looking back to Diale, who nodded. "What did she want?"

"She threatened my wellbeing a bit. Then I got pissed and decided to drink my whisky. Then I got annoyed and tried to sleep. I just couldn't." Diale shrugged.

"Oh." Waren looked back to the rain pouring down outside the glass door.

"I like the rain. It's cold, and pure, and beautiful." Diale smiled, looking to the rain as well. Waren nodded slightly. "It reminds me of you."

"Huh?" Waren looked back to Diale, who was looking back at him from the corner of his eye.

"You're cold, constantly brushing me away and acting cruel for no real reason. But you're pure, untainted by so many things. Also, you are very, very beautiful." Diale smiled, facing the white haired properly.

"But I'm not wet, and I don't pour down on you in droves. Also, I don't turn to snow when the temperature slips below thirty degrees Fahrenheit." Waren pointed out.

"I'm sure you'd turn to snow if you were kept in the cold too long, or if your heart was broken or something along those lines. You do pour down on me in droves and inside, I'm sure you're very wet." Diale smirked. He then poked Waren's nose, getting the red eyes to blink.

"You're… hitting on me." Waren stated. Diale clapped. "Now you're making fun of me! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"No, no, the question was, what is wrong with YOU?" Diale smirked.

"I'm not telling you that; how's that for an answer?" Waren huffed, crossing his arms and legs.

"It's pretty bad." Diale lowered his eyelids.

"Well I'm sorry, but you're going to have to deal." Waren stuck out his tongue, it getting grabbed between Diale's index and middle fingers. Waren blinked, attempting to pull his tongue back.

"The doll kissed me and I had no idea what was going on. But now it seems I have the floor." Diale smirked, Waren blinking and freezing. "You should be making a break for it. Oh wait, no, you have a think for me, so you'll freeze up and wait for me to make the next move."

Diale chuckled, pulling the other towards him by the tongue, then releasing him only to but his arms around the pale, robed waist.

"I don't have a thing for you." Waren managed, being stubborn in his words, but not his actions.

"Sure you don't." Diale got another chuckle in before pressing their lips together.


I am happy how fast this came out comparatively speaking. Yay, and the story's moving faster and is more plotted than the previous draft. Thank you MP and LC for your patience!