Finally, Amelia made up her mind. She had to find what really happened to her. Silently, she slipped out of her room and into Zander's down the hall. He looked so peaceful sleeping. Gently moving the golden hair from his face, she leaned down placing a kiss on his forehead.

"I will always love you Zander, no matter what happens. I beg that I don't find out it was you." She whispered softly into his ear and captured his lips with her own. His reflexes kissed her back, erupting heat throughout her body, she smiled before leaving the room reluctantly.

Amelia slipped from the city, carefull not to be seen in her gown and cloak. Once outside the city, she took in a deep breath and summoned a portal.

"Aim, where are you going?"

She spun around instantly alert of Zander being behind her. "What are you doing here Zander?"

"I woke up when you came into my room."

"I should have known you would."

"Where are you going?" He repeated accusingly.

Amelia lowered her eyes, dropping her head. "I'll be back in a little, I promise. Don't tell anyone about this."

"Amelia!" Zander yelled, causing her to look up at him. "Where the hell are you going?"

"I'll be back, I promise." She slipped through the portal and closed it behind her, not allowing Zander to follow. She summoned a blue portal and slipped in effortlessly gliding through the crowded streets.

"Luscious!" She yelled as she stumbled into the little time shop.

Luscious came through and pointed to the back door, leading her into the back room. "What are you doing here, Amelia, and where's Roger?"

"Luscious, I need the time powder."

"Okay…How big of a dose?"

"It has to be strong, really strong."

"Okay, here," He shot her an accusing glance before handing her a satchel of time powder. "I have business to attend to, get out of here and tell Roger, I said hi."

Amelia locked her bedroom door behind her and sighed.

"You're back" Zander emerged from the shadows.

She jumped in surprise and smiled, "I told you."

"Where did you go?"

"Don't worry about it, Z."

"Why are you hiding something from me, Aim? I've never hidden anything from you, what are you doing?"


"No, tell me, or I'll tell Dad that you disappeared through a portal this morning."

Amelia shook her head and pulled her arms around his neck, kissing up and down his neck seductively.


She smirked through her kisses and whispered huskily, "Stop? What kind of demon are you." She pulled away and looked up at him.

"Awe, shit, come here." He pulled her back to him and she smirked again, resuming kissing up and down his neck. His breath quickened and he tried hard not to pant. "Amy…"

She caught his lips with hers and felt a moan vibrate against her lips causing her to smile.

Finally he got a grip and he shoved her an arm's length away with his hands on her shoulders. "Dang, you almost won that one. Now, tell me, where you were." He held the leather pouch in view. He had grabbed it from her cloak pocket while he was kissing her. He sniffed it and shook his head. "Yup, that's defiantly time powder. What are you doing with time powder, Aim?"

"Z, don't worry about it, please, just drop it."

"Amelia!" He shook her lightly.

She grabbed the pouch with her powers, tore it open and breathed it in before Zander could stop her.

Amelia shoved her eyes open, with her eyes glowing. "What the hell? Where am I and what am I doing here?"

"Aim?" Zander asked.

Amelia jumped and looked around, "Zander? Why the hell am I here?"

"Uh, listen Aim, I don't know…"

"No! I'm not supposed to remember this pain!" She roared and Zander stepped back.


"The demons killed my parents! Why are you here with me, I need the antidote, now!"

"but A, you did…"

Amelia wrapped her hand naround his neck lifting him up, "Do you really want to be held responsible for what your kind did, Zander?"

Zander choked out, "Amelia, I love you, remember, don't kill me like this." He screamed, feeling his insides being moved from his body, torturing him.


"Aim…please…oh god, please."

"God? There is no god Zander! Don't you remember that?" She yelled ruthlessly.

Zander reached into his pocket and slowly pulled out some silver powder. He took in a deep breath, but was thrown against a wall, landing heavily on the back of his head, spraying the powder everywhere, causing Amelia to sneeze. Blood dripped from the back of Zander's head and he lay motionless against the wall.

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