Author's Notes – Written from the p.o.v. of an original character of mine & darthelwig's named Ghost (yes, I took his name for my penname; he's mine, so I doubt he minds...   ^_^  ).  I'd go in to why he wrote this, but that would be longer than the poem itself...

Anyway, enjoy.  Peace, all.


Someone Other Than Me

by Ghost Helwig


And you want me to be free

But you never could give me a reason not to flee

To distant shores, to far-off mores

To anyplace where I could be someone other than me


And you say you see the truth

You look at me and see no more than my ego-centric youth

I'd scream but I'd chip a tooth

Trying to bite through the proverbial rock inside your shoe


And you hate the way I speak

Because I know I come off as nothing more than meek

You think my soul is weak

From all the times I let him hit me in his sleep


But you don't know me at all

And he was there to always break my fall

To me he's twelve feet tall

But in your eyes what I'll never be is capable and strong


But I've given up being what you want of me

All it was getting me was the sting of a thousand bees

Dipping into the quiet places where I can still be free

From every word you say and every disinterested look that comes my way


But you'll never know just how I feel

And it saddens me because I wanted us to be real

I just wanted to feel

But I sit here and I know that all our fates are sealed


So give me your soft hand

You'll be the one to tear my heart from these lands

As I'm given over to your house of sand

I know that my completion will not be found inside your hands


So watch me walk away

As if there was any reason for me to stay

When all you do is make me drift deeper into this godforsaken play

I need to get away


So I guess this is goodbye

But I swear the last thing I want to do is make you cry

But I can no longer try

To be someone other than I