Author's Notes – Written from the p.o.v. of an original character of mine & darthelwig's called Ghost.  Betcha can't guess what his last name is...  ^_^


Don't Look Down

by Ghost Helwig


You were the one beside me in my bed

You were the one who would never leave my head

You were the one I stood beside

You were the one who never made me hide


And I could never see just how much that meant

I could never see until all my chips were spent

I was always too blind to see before me

I never thought a man as smart as you could ever adore me


Yet here we are and I don't know what to do

I was never the one who could fill in a part of you

I'm never going to be the one who's brave

I'm never going to be the one who knows how to save


But if you're looking for someone who'll always have your back

I have always been very good at that

I can always be the one who cares

Who spends every waking hour dedicated to being there


Because if you want me I'd never turn you down

You're the one who never lets my smile fade to a frown

And though I know living in the clouds means one day we'll hit the ground

For now-

     We just won't look down