Praying For Your Spirit
I place flowers on your grave
Heart filling with grief
Blaming myself
When I am at no fault
Only seeing the times I abused you
I apologise, hoping you can hear me
Praying you knew how much you meant
Not just to me, but to the world
Everywhere there is sobbing
Tears flowing freely, hushed cries
I shiver as I touch the headstone
As if your spirit is possessing me
No longer do I hold it back, I cry
Crying for the times we shared, good and bad
Crying for what you've lost, what we've lost
Yet I am grateful for the time we were granted
I ask why, why you did this
Some foolish comment bring you down?
I don't want to leave, but my parents call
Leaving the flowers, I slowly turn around
Saying goodbye, once and for all
I see you're in a better place
Your soul at ease, finally at peace
Walking away, I hope to meet you
In the heavens above, amongst the clouds
For now though, I live alone
Praying for your spirit.