I'm So Numb

I sit here thinking
Why am I so numb?
Why can't I write or
Even think for that matter,

Why won't the tears flow?
Even though I'm sad
Why won't the words flow?
Even though I try so hard,

I feel no pain,
Even when I'm the
Cause of most through
My own deeds,

The only thing that
Flows true and deep
Is my blood, my
Very existence,

I live off the
Parallel lines running
Down my arms which
Show I'm still alive,

I need the pain
To return to my
Veins, I need the
Words to start flowing

I'm numb tremendously
And I don't know why,
The pain doesn't feel
When it should be so real.

Even though I open
Up even more,
I still feel no pain
With crimson a flow,

I'm so numb
No emotion
No life
No sound.

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