Forgive Me

I did it
And at first
It hurt so
Much I nearly cried

All I thought was
I need this and
It will make every
Thing so much better

But now that I've
Done it I feel
So bad, coz I
Disappoint you and

I didn't want to
I never wanted those
Disappointed eyes on me
Especially yours, not yours.

I think I've made
The biggest mistake
Because I love you and
Never wanted you to be disappointed

I hope you don't
Hate me, I couldn't
Handle that not now
Not from you

You're my bestfriend
And I love you
And never want to
Lose you, never

I fear by doing this
I have and saying
Sorry again and
Again won't help.

I'm always afraid
Of cutting to deep
And never stemming
The flow

Coz I don't want
To die not yet,
But I may die inside
If you don't forgive me

Please say our
Friendship isn't lost
And you still love
Me no matter what

I couldn't live if
You didn't so I
Ask please forgive me
For what I've done?

A/N. this goes out to my bestfriend.
I know you forgive me but I still had to ask.
See, you inspire me so much and I want to thank
You for being there and I love you so much.
Thanks for all your support. I'm here for you no
Matter what. Love ya lots.