My Security

You're my security
You keep me safe
No matter what happens
You're always in the right place

You never change
And you're always there
To keep me warm
And of coarse to care

When I need you
I don't have to call,
I just look for you
In the same hall

You'll never leave
And I know that's
So true, coz you
Love the warmth I give you

I trust you
Always and know
It will never stop,
Unless you drop

Out of the sky
And out of the
Sight of my eyes,
So I cannot find you,

But I know
You'll be there
You're my security
You keep me safe

Even if you're only
A jumper which
I wear every night
To feel secure,

You're my security
Blanket, and in
You're arms I'll
Always be safe

A/N. Plz R&R. means a lot.
How something so small can
Make you feel so safe.