Love To Fear

Pain and anguish
Is always so near
He looked at me
And it's so clear

My goals are set
My future tight
I only wish
He'd hold me tight

The love is there
With only one
My heart breaks
With every sum

I sit there watching
Waiting in glee
As he approaches me
With bittersweet memory

He comes so near
My heart in fear
That he'll just hear it screaming
My love is great with no fear or hate,

He walks straight up with no must
But happens to go right through
The love I feel is right at his heel
But as he steps up

My heart foils with lust
As he wipes the dust
Off the chair beside me
And makes conversay with no delay

With the girl behind me
My heart dies down
With pain and no sound
As the two start laughing

The pain that I feel
Is hard to conceal
As it boils right over
My life is so down

Now he's not around
I feel so shit
With the gun to my lips
Ready to do the trick

But my friend says no
As my pain and woe
Hit an all time low
So, I put down the gun

And try to have fun
With the life I've got
But the pain and woe
Still come and go

Neither Rain, Nor Snow