The Unreachable Door.

Anticipation rings pounding in my ears,
As I approach the long-awaited door,
I take hold of the chilly handle in the sunny day,
Is it really cold, or is it my hand?
I draw it in; slowly at first,
Then faster and faster,
The door screeches, almost speaking my heart.
I'm sure he hears it inside;
Anticipating seeing my face around the corner.
It's finally easy to touch him,
And to smell his sweet fragrance,
As easy as it was to open the door,
The door I could never reach.

This was a poem I had to write for my creative writing class, at least, I thought I had to write it, but I really didn't oopsies, but now it can be on my fiction press name, which I never really use. Yay! Lemme know what you think of it and I would really appreciate it! The poems following it are related, that's why I posted them all the same.