Hope You're Happy

You say you accidentally executed it
It being our future for shares et al
May the mad money be on you like papier mâché
Machine us into tools for your Faulty Tower
Laugh it up; lick it up (your poison, that is)
And smile as I shovel it into the other side.

Keep your secrets; I do not want your disease
My New Eye pries all the lies from between your thighs
Born dead, still born out by those who sheepishly seek
"A plague on both your houses" how's that?
I am the mouse for fainting elephant
I am the whip for the jackass.

The sword sounds as the crops collapse
See those breasts walking by, you bastard
Deduction of a reduction to nothingness
Gorger, drunkard, luster, screamer, Neg-attractor
Moderate to alleviate pain between things & dreams
Falsify, hide, banish it but the truth will out!

I will not vanish my mouth
I will not banish my soul
I will not famish my KnowledgeHunger
I will be relieved
When in the end the All is proven right.

Drown us in Jesus-fishes
You swim down the wrong Way
Hate judge destroy blame it all
God told you to hate me
Too bad you have mis-worshipped
I hope you are happy to be losing

I hope you are happy
We all are a part of The Plan
Even if we don't have feats to stand on
Or good fruit produced from our souls
Stomp on my grapes with wrath
You hate being wrong, but you hate change more.
But you will never stop the seasons with secrets & lies!