Left Behind

I feel like my life has turned into
Some sort of solitary confinement
I feel like the world left me behind
Well it was my world apocalypse
When you told me goodbye

I know I am numb
When I could not feel the second degree burns surfacing
And my coughs suffocated me as boiling steam reached my lungs
Because the cold water reminds me of my surroundings
It is not as if your scent would leave me
That smell of cheap cologne and cigarette smoke
So I scrub myself clean
Until I realized all that was left behind
Were the scars you carved on me

You promised me the moon I already had
And the stars I already wished upon
A thousand times before
You could not give of yourself
Just of lofty dreams of outer space
It was Earth that kept you grounded
So you say
And blame the truth for your own lies
Luckily, I know the truth
And it does not lie in you

It was not what you did that hurt me the most
It was all the feelings you left behind

All the while time keeps marching
I wait for my mind to clear
Haunted by the memory
Of what you said to me
"I love you"
What you meant was
I lust you
And that is where I leave you behind.