Guilty beneath lies of deceit.
Hold my breath as bits of flesh, crumpled and dry fall upon me.
Scream in bliss of ecstasy,
As it scratches my skin,
The odor as pungent and sweet as the blood I so want.
But a soreness soon encumbers the cry,
Wounds start to inflict me,
The howling air corrosive aligned with my flesh.
The stroke of pain is missing from the touch,
It has become the holy oil that drenches my lover's grave...
He is now only crumbs of life and death.
I start to run from the agony,
The screams ceasing to escape by lips,
As they clutch at obsolete lungs.
A transcension from weak humans,
Crawling through a unbearably full of humans,
Our dead bodies screaming for exodus,
Unknown and blood-spattered.
But we are like them cursed...
Yet no faith holds just as much in blessing.
But now it yells in my face,
Christ's flesh raining down upon this immoral piece of demised
In disillusionment and vertigo,
Screaming out names that hold no virtue or immortality...
All fell to the tomb long ago.
Now of us,
There are so few.
My eyes turn crimson as the assault of sanctity ends.
Hidden cries call in the distance...
I know naught where to go,
Afraid of another deadly torrent,
Unable to escape lonely confusion.
This is my everlasting death alone.
Clouded in pain.
No heart to be found.